What’s With My Dogs Eating Grass? Is it Ok?

As summer approaches, I’m sure you’re just like me and can’t wait for all the outdoor activities that come with the warmer weather for you and the pup to enjoy.

Nice lazy days under the sun, enjoying an ice cold glass of lemonade, maybe you’ve grilled yourself a burger. You’re just sunning yourself in your lawn while Fido’s running around and sniffing things here and there. Nice eh? Then you glance around to see what Fido’s up to and BOOM HE’S EATING YOUR LAWN.

What is going on?!?! Will these grass cause my dog to have tummy aches?!? 

All that lawn mowing and watering, just to have your pup tear into your perfectly manicured lawn! What could be causing this?? Is he sick? Is he having behavioral issues? Or maybe he’s actually a deer in a surprisingly realistic dog costume?!

There’s a myriad of reasons as to why your puppy might, and let me list some of them off for you:

Improve their digestion

  • Some studies indicate that dogs may turn to eating grass in order to increase their fiber intake, in order to help with digestion, as well as potentially treat intestinal worms.
  • A study was done when an owner noticed that their dog kept eating grass, so they switched them over to a high fiber diet, and that behavior ended.

They feel sick and want to vomit

  • This is probably the most common school of thought, as most owners witness their pups chow down on some lawn greens, vomit, then move on brightly with their day.
  • While vomiting shouldn’t be a “every day” sort of event, dogs tend to get excited and over eat/drink which could lead to vomiting.

Literally just for fun!

  • It could be that there’s no great medical mystery behind any of it, other than plain old boredom. Given that dogs love to chew and pull things apart, they could be just highly amused at chewing and pulling the grass apart.
  • Think about it, what do they do to your socks? They just chew them apart! Just think of grass chewing as sock saving.

Completely natural behavior

  • There are also some who believe that most pups chew on grass simply as an inherited behavior from their wild ancestors.
  • As any animal expert will tell you, very few animals are 100% carnivore or herbivore, and will eat pretty much anything. So don’t be alarmed! It’s normal for assumed carnivores to eat plant material, although to argument to be made is the dogs are more omnivores.

The reasons I’ve listed above pretty much covers the basic reasons as to why Fido would be eating grass, and as you notice, none of them are dire medical emergencies or behavioral red flags.

But as always, if he seems to be eating more grass, or less food, or his defecation and energy levels seem off, take him to your veterinarian for a health check!

Worth Noting: While eating grass itself is usually safe, if your lawn has recently been treated with anything, such as fertilizers, grub away, or other such lawn treatments, make sure with your veterinarian that Fido hasn’t consumed any potentially hazardous substances from them.

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