The Ultimate DIY Wooden Crate For Your Dog

I wrote in the past how I’m a huge fan of DIY dog products. It’s one of the things that I find fun doing on the weekends. It’s so hard to find pet furniture that actually goes with your home decor. Sometimes you want something for your pups that blends in with your home decor. For me, that’s wooden products. I love wooden products and feel that the quality of wood products can last for a long time. For this DIY project, I put together a wooden crate for my pups. This will work for you as well, but it is a bit time consuming, however, it’s challenging and fun.

There’s two main ways to approach this. You can either buy a bunch of differently sized woods from your hardware store or buy a premade crate and then fix it up. I decided to go with the second one which is purchasing a premade crate. This saves me a lot of time since I’m not too much of a handyman.

For this DIY wooden crate project, I decided to buy this wooden crate. It’s less than 10 bucks on Amazon, but if you have a bigger pup, you will need to find a bigger one.

diy wooden dog crate

I brushed a coat of my favorite grey stain onto each piece. Then I glued the candle stick holders to the bottom of the crate as feet. I’m a big fan of grey color, you can actually brush coat it with any color you like.

Afterward, I simply added some pillows and blanket to it to make it look comfortable. You can do this easily with any pillows you can find around the house.

From a far away distance, this doesn’t look all that bad at all! Looks pretty clean. You can add your own custom writing on it to make it even more personalized.

Have fun!

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