Top Tech Gadgets For Those Lovely Dog Owners

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I’m someone who loves to shop for myself and for my dogs. In other words, I like to spend money! The truth is that I treat my dogs like my own little baby. Matter of fact, I consider my dog as apart of my family and I’m sure many of you lovely dog owners out there do as well.

I’m also a huge tech gadget junkie. I love to buy new gadgets, but I only like to buy stuff that I would actually use. No point in spending money on something that I won’t touch right? Nowadays, the only type of tech gadgets that I get are the ones that can help both me and my dogs.

I’ve compiled an in-depth list of tech gadgets for all those lovely dog owners out there! Hope you enjoy.

Btw, these make awesome gifts for other dog owners as well.


Humans love Fitbit, well when you own a dog, it’s time to get a Fitbark. It works exactly like a Fitbit except it’s for a dog. Without going too into detail, it’s a simple gadget for dog owners that will help you monitor your dog’s activities. It pairs directly with your smart phone like all the new tech gadgets out there and your dog can wear it as a collar.

Is it worth the price? Heck yes, Fitbark is pretty amazing. It allows you to set health goals within the mobile app and it also estimates the behavior changes for my pup. Dogs can’t speak like humans can, so it’s very important that we have all the data we need. I also like to show my dog’s health reports to my vet when it comes to the checkups. Works like a charm!

It’s also small and fits directly on my dog without him feeling uncomfortable.

GoPro with the GoPro Fetch

Thinking about taking your dog out on a new adventure? Want to look back at these adventures a few years later through your dog’s eyes? Then you have to get yourself a GoPro, but not only the Gopro. You have to get the Gopro Fetch, which is an add on item for your dog. The Gopro itself is already an awesome tech gadget for dog owners, but the fetch is a must have for your dog.

As of now this Gopro Fetch has over 10,100 positive reviews from actual pet owners. The Gopro fetch is basically a mounting tool for your dog to capture those amazing moments. It’s washable and it’s waterproof. Paired along with a decent Gopro and you can capture all of your dog’s moments from his eyes.

It also comes with an adjustable strap so it can fit dogs of all size. Must have gadget for them dog owners out there!

Ifetch Ball Launcher

Playing games with your dogs can be fun, but also tiring. If you are too tired to play fetch, you can just use this machine. It automatically fires the ball up. The dog will then go fetch for the ball and return it back to the machine and the machine will fire off another ball in the air.

I use to manually throw the ball and have the dog fetch it. This machine did get me a bit lazy, but hell it’s an awesome gadget to have for all dog owners, especially in the early stages of training your dog.

Get one of these machines to save yourself a good amount of time, but at the same time enjoy the moment of watching your dog have fun.


Oh boy, I love this thing. I believe that this is one of the best and top gadgets for all the lovely dog owners. We all think about our dogs when we’re at work or away from home. We’re always worried about the smallest things such as whether or not he’s eating. Well with this amazing tech gadget, you won’t have to worry anymore!

Pintofeed is a food dispenser that you can control when you are away from home. You can control everything from your phone and what’s even more amazing is that Pintofeed works well with Amazon Alexa. So if you’re already a smart home wizard, then this will be right up your collection!

Pintofeed also keeps track of the amount of remaining food in it, so it will notify you when it’s time for you to stock up!

Litter Robot


I never met a dog owner that loves to clean up after their dog. We do it because we have to and that we’re supposed to. With technology taking over, why not have a robot do it for you? That way you don’t have to deal with your dog’s mess. This is one amazing tech gadget for dog owners and a very useful one.

The Litter Robot is a self-cleaning robot that cleans your dog’s mess for you. It’s fully automatic that it’s almost unbelievable, but it does work!

The most amazing thing is that it cleans up ALL types of mess including dirt and the other thing most people don’t like to touch…


Petcube is a tech gadget for dog owners that allows you to monitor your dog from your phone while you are away from home. I know, I know, there are a lot of smart tech gadgets out there that already allows you to do that, but this one is a bit different.

First the quality is outstanding. It comes with HD quality video, seems even more clear than my own eyes. Next, it comes with a 138 degree view, massive extra zoom, and night vision. Whoa, that’s a lot of features in one!

Some of the other ones out there have monthly fees, but this one does not. It’s easy to set up, just download the app, connect to your device and you’re good to go.

The night vision is definitely my most favorite feature about it. Love this unique tech gadget for dog owners.

Petzen Dog Treadmill

Who would’ve thought that dogs would be running on treadmills too? Well a company designed a treadmill just for dogs. It’s designed with the dog’s behavior in mind. Now, not only will you get fit with a home gym treadmill, your little pup will stay fit as well. Win-win situation.

What’s cool about this treadmill is that it’s actually portable and minimum set up is required. You would think that it would take a lot of work to put something like this together, but that isn’t the case for this Petzen dog treadmill.

It’s a funny thought just to think about my dog being on a treadmill.

There ya go my fellow dog owner friends. The best and top tech gadgets for all the lovely dog owners out there. Technology is slowly changing the way we do things and we should be happy that there are devices, apps, and gadgets like the ones I mentioned out there because it does save us dog owners a lot of time!

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