The Top Reasons Why Your Dog Is Snoring While Awake

Recently I noticed that my dog is snoring while being awake. No, my pup isn’t sleeping. It’s broad daylight and my dog is snoring. I kept asking myself, “What is going on?” Is there something medical related that I need to be concerned about??

After asking other dog owners and doing a lot of research, I realized that it is normal for your dog to be snoring while he’s awake. There are a lot of reasons behind why your dog is snoring while awake, but I’ll break down the top reasons why your dog is snoring while awake in this article.


Some dog breeds tend to snore more than other dogs. It’s apart of their breed. For example dogs with shorter nose such as Bulldogs tend to snore a lot more than a bigger dog with a bigger nose. This is because they have shorter air passage which leads to snoring even when they are awake. These breeds need to work a lot harder to breathe through their nose, therefore causing them to produce snoring sounds while they are awake, but this isn’t a medical condition that needs attention.


Now, this wasn’t the case with my dog. My dog is not overweight by any means. I treat them well and watch their diet closely, but this can be the case for certain dog owners who love to give their dog fatty treats. Obesity can cause your dog to snore while being awake.

The extra fat in their throat can cause a blockage in their airway which will lead to them making snoring sounds while they are trying to breathe. This can get even worse when he is actually sleeping. The sound can be much louder.

The best solution for this would be to cut back on those dog treats and find a healthy diet for your dog.

Something might be stuck

This is one that you need to be concern about. We don’t pay attention to our dog every single minute, so there’s no way to know if he ate something that we’re unaware of. Smaller pieces of materials could be stuck in their throat causing them to snore while awake. The snore is just a sound that is being produced by the blockage of the material that is stuck in their throat.

If your dog doesn’t regularly snore but started snoring while awake for no reason, then you should take him to a local vet. and see if there is something stuck in the throat area.

This can be dangerous and requires immediate medical attention.


If the snoring while awake is happening out of nowhere, then another possibility could be because that your dog is sick or is suffering from allergies. If this is the case, you need to identify the reason behind the allergies and what’s causing it.

It could be caused because of a recent move to a new environment, second-hand smoke, dust around the house and many other reasons. Regardless of the reason, this shouldn’t be taken lightly and you should find the reason behind the cause as soon as possible.


This is a serious matter and requires quick medical attention. I hope this never happens to any dog, and it is a rare reason, but it can happen.

The nature of the tumor should be established; if it is benign, it should be removed. If the tumor is malignant, it should also be removed, if possible and the dog should also start the chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Other signs can include sneezing and coughing as well.

An infection

Some sort of respiratory infection can also cause your dog to snore while he’s awake. If it is indeed an infection, it is important that you monitor your dog closely. Usually, infections tend to disappear after 5-10 days, but can last longer depending on the circumstances.

Over the counter medicines can help your dog treat infections, but taking him to the nearest vet for a prescription might be your best bet. Your vet can offer to give your dog a prescription or a shot that can help speed up the clearing of this process.

Solution for dog snoring while awake

So those are the main reasons for why your dog might be snoring while awake, but what are the solutions for this? There isn’t a guaranteed way to fix it, but here are a few that I came up with that helped me.

Changing the dog’s bed

One of the best solutions for dogs that are snoring while he’s awake is to make sure that your pup is encouraged to curl up, rather than sprawl on his back. A round or oval bed is an ideal solution for this.

My recommendation would be purchasing Armarkat’s Oval Dog BedIt’s the ideal solution for this and can force your dog to sleep in a different position which will improve their breathing. It’s worth an investment.

Another option is to raise the edge of your current bed.

Reducing it’s weight

If the reason behind your dog snoring while awake is due to his weight, then you can try switching up his diet and stop giving him all those goodies. Yes, I know it can be extremely difficult especially when it’s so tempting to throw those treats to him, but it’s necessary.

Don’t smoke in the house

If you’re a smoker it can cause the dog to snore while awake. This is due to the second-hand smoke that is passed onto the dog. Avoid smoking in front of the dog or better yet, smoke somewhere else and ideally not in the same room as your dog.

Anyways, I hope this article helped all the dog owners out there!

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