The Top Dog Toothpaste On The Market In 2017

Just like humans, a dog’s teeth are made to last a lifetime. As long as you maintain it with frequent cleaning. There are a lot of things you can do to help your dog maintain it’s dental health, but the most basic is having a good toothpaste and toothbrush along with dedicated time for cleaning your dog’s teeth.

Choosing a good dog toothpaste could be overwhelming, but making a wise decision is important as well. In this article, I’ll go over some of the top dog toothpaste on the market in 2017.

Why Do You Need To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean?

Before we go into the reviews of the best dog toothpaste, let’s briefly go over why it’s important to keep your dog’s teeth clean.

One of the main reasons why you need to ensure that your dog’s teeth stay clean is because dogs are actually exposed to a lot of bacterias and toxins throughout the day. Most of these are stuck in the teeth, while some are drawn into their digestive system.

Brushing it will allow you to free up these germs and prevent them from getting into your dog’s inner system. Much like humans, plagues and bacteria can easily build up in the mouth. Keeping your dog’s mouth and teeth clean is a great way to prevent those germs from expanding any further. We don’t want Fido getting sick!

When a dog’s mouth tries to fight against plaque and bacteria, it results in things like infections. This eventually sets the stage for a wide host of tooth-related diseases such as periodontal disease.

If things get bad enough, your dog could lose his teeth. Yikes!

How about human toothpaste?

As much as I want to say, go ahead and do it, I can’t. The thing about human toothpaste is that it contains a strong amount of fluoride, which can poison your dog. That’s why it’s advised that you keep human toothpaste away from pets in general.

It’s much smarter to invest and stock up on some known brand dog toothpaste that you can use whenever you’re looking to brush your dog’s teeth.

What to look for when choosing a dog toothpaste?

The first thing you will notice when you’re browsing for toothpaste online is the different flavors that are available out there. Some of them make me want to buy it right away, but I always have to remind myself that it’s for my dog and not for me, so make sure that your dog will like the flavor before buying it in bulk.

If you’ve never bought any special flavors before and you’re unsure whether or not your dog will like it, you might want to start with simple flavors such as Mint. Those are typically fine with all dogs. Some dogs like mine prefer Vanilla. That’s always an option for most dogs as well.

Another thing you should look into before buying is the ingredients involved in making the toothpaste. Almost all of the known toothpaste brands out there use quality material that won’t injure your teeth, but some dog owners I know have sensitive dogs and wants to avoid grain alcohol. If you’re on that list, then you might want to look into the ingredients to ensure that there isn’t any grain alcohol.

Another excellent thing about dog specific toothpaste is that they don’t cause a lot of foam. Dogs aren’t as foam-friendly as humans are, so picking a toothpaste brand with the least foam can help.

The best dog toothpaste in the market

Alright, let’s go into some of my all time favorites that’s reliable and trustable.

Sentry Fresh Toothpaste for dogs


What I love about the Sentry Fresh Toothpaste is that it’s an all in one kit that comes with a dog toothbrush as well. This way I have both of the things I need all in one place. The toothpaste itself has a flavored gel which my dog loves and it’s also pretty well known for removing the hardest plagues.

Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste 

dental tooth

This one by Petrodex is pretty unique. It comes with a poultry flavor that makes my dog want more and more..

You might think that poultry flavor will make your dog’s breath smell worse, but you’ll be surprised at how well this one works. It actually makes it smell a lot better. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.  I have tried to brush his teeth with other toothpaste, and my dog would only endure the brushing for about 20 seconds at most.

With this toothpaste, he allows me to brush for a full minute! The funny thing is that my dog comes back for more afterwards. It’s totally worth the price.

This toothpaste softened and loosened the tartar that was on his back teeth, and I was able to use a tooth scaler to scrap off the tarter. The tartar came off easily in chunks.

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plaque Remover

I originally didn’t want to add this one to the list because technically we’re going for toothpaste, not sprays or gels, but this one hits the spot!

You might have a hard time getting your dog to stay still throughout the entire brush. With this spray, that won’t be an issue. All it takes is a couple drops into your dog’s mouth and you’ll be finished. This makes it possible for you to clean your dog’s teeth more often, since it’s quick and easy. It also comes with a good flavor that your dog won’t find annoying.

What I find super unique about this product is the natural ingredients involved in this spray. It uses natural green tea as an ingredient over grain and other ingredients that are used in other dog toothpaste.

With this, now you don’t have an excuse to not clean your dog’s teeth!

Nylabone Peanut Flavor

peanutflavored toothpaste

Remember what we were saying about the weird flavors that you’ll come across when shopping for a dog toothpaste? This is a great example of one. I dont even know how peanut smells myself, but this company was able to put it in their dog toothpaste.

I haven’t been using it very long (2-3 weeks), but I do think it’s pretty effective at cleaning her teeth. I use this every other day while giving my dog Greenies. I plan to brush daily when she gets used to it enough for the process to not be as stressful. She’s starting to get the hang of it and does she to appreciate the taste of this toothpaste more than her old one. Her teeth do appear to have less buildup, but I’m not really sure if it’s this toothpaste, just the action of brushing, or the Greenies. Either way, I’m pretty happy with this product.


Final thoughts

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is extremely crucial not just for a good breath and a good look, but because it’ll help your pup’s overall health. My tip is to find a toothpaste that your dog will love and stick with. Whether that is a spray or an actual toothpaste, make sure you clean your dog’s teeth!


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