The Top Best Leather Dog Collars For All Breeds (Reviews)

If you’re in the market for some good reliable leather dog collars, then you’ve landed in the right place. Depending on the collar that you pick, leather dog collars usually are made with really high-quality leather materials. This is why I love leather. It’s always smooth and smells good most of the time.

Why should your dog wear a collar?

Most dog owners don’t understand why they need to purchase a dog collar, but a dog collar is a must have for all dogs. It’s a way of identification. We hope that your dog will never get lost, but it can happen and that’s when a collar can be very helpful.

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP), fewer than 2% of lost cats and only 15-20% of lost dogs are ever returned to their guardians. Just because your pet lives inside is also no guarantee of safety.

Because of this reason, your dog should always wear a collar.

In addition to basic identification reasons, a dog collar can actually help your dog with basic tags such as the last time it went to a vet. checkup and much more.

Choosing a reliable dog collar

Just like many other dog supplies and equipment out there, there are a lot of variations when it comes to dog collars. There are basically two types of collars out there.

Traditional dog collars – These are basic collars that most dog owners purchase. You can buy a high-quality leather dog collar which I’ll review later in the article or you can purchase a standard customized one with your pup’s name on it.

Harnesses – Now this one is a bit different. A lot of dog owners get confused between a traditional dog collar and harnesses. Harnesses are great training tools for puppies learning to behave on leash, and they allow walkers to have a bit more control. Harnesses discourage pulling and allow you to stop your dog from jumping up on strangers without worrying about choking. In other words, they give you more control than traditional collars.

If you want to learn more about harness and slip leads for your dog, check out this article

Another thing you need to consider when choosing a dog collar is whether or not your dog tends to go outside at night. Some of the collars can glow which will help people who are driving notice your dog on the road.

Why Leather Dog Collars?

Alright, so there are so many options out there for dog collars, why should you buy a leather dog collar over another type of collar?

There are a few reasons why I choose to buy a leather dog collar over the other type. First and foremost, leather dog collars are meant to last and they are built with quality materials. Most of my leather products that I own can literally last a life time.

Leathers are soft, but not so soft that we lose control of our dog. It’s soft enough for your dog to feel comfortable with it on.

Usually, if you’re not getting a leather dog collar, then you’re going for a nylon one, which usually feels really tight on my dog.

Best leather dog collars

Let’s dive right into it and go over some of the best leather dog collars for all type of breeds. I’ll review a few and I do love all of these. I’ve bought them in the past and my dogs love them as well. Click on any of the links or pictures below to check them out on Amazon.

Kakadu Pet Studly Leather Studded Dog Collar

I give this one an A++ because this is my most favorite leather dog collar out there. It’s affordable at less than $10 and it’s never too tight. The leather smells great and my dog loves it.

The dog collar itself is constructed very well. The color hasn’t faded any since my puppy has been wearing it for a year. A thing to note is that my dog swims and baths with this. I’m surprised that the quality hasn’t faded at all.

The medium collar is 3/4’’ x 18’’. The extra extra-large collar is 1 ⅓” x 25 1/2”. The adjustable belts closure allows for the collar to be adjusted according to your dog’s growth. That means that this leather dog collar will grow with your dog.

Weaver Leather Sundance Dog Collar

I’m going to be 100% honest. When I first came across this leather dog collar I was like, “Noway I’m going to make my dog look like a cowboy”, but a good friend of mine bought this for his dog and I was like, “This doesn’t look that bad at all!”

The Weaver Leather Sundance Dog Collar is 1’’ thick and 21’’ long which is long enough for most dogs of all breeds. Now the quality of this leather dog collar is top notch. It’s actually oil rubbed so it feels super smooth.

This leather dog collar will stay on your dog securely. You can close the gap with a belt style closure. This collar will give your dog a smooth vintage feel.

Gotag personalized leather dog collar

This Gotag personalized dog collar is amazing. It comes in either nylon or leather material, but of course for this article, I’m going to be reviewing the leather version.

The collar itself is made with high-quality material in a belt style closure, but it doesn’t necessary stand out in terms of design. What it stands out with is the personalization. You can add your dog’s name on the collar as well as your phone number. Remember, one of the reasons we purchase a dog collar is to prevent your dog from getting lost.

You can choose the color of the print as well. This leather collar is also available in other sizes, including 19 inches and 23 inches. With it’s adjustable strap this leather dog collar can fit with any sized dog of all breeds.

Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar

When I first saw this leather dog collar on Amazon, I was like, “Whoa this looks very nice!” The design on this is amazing and I’m a design junkie. I want my dog to look good.

You can choose from either brown or black leather, featuring either brass or stainless steel hardware.

This leather dog collar has lambskin as a padding, which makes it extra soft. It won’t irritate your dog. The sizing guide is pretty straight-forward. The extra-large collar is 1 ¼’’ wide and fits necks that measure anywhere from 23 ½ to 28’’. The belt style closure allows you to adjust as the dog’s neck grows. The extra small is 3/8’’ wide and fits dogs with 8 to 10’’ necks.

Final thoughts

There you have it folks. The best leather dog collars for all types of breeds. All the leather dog collars mentioned in this article could be bought on Amazon for a fairly affordable price. You don’t need to break a wallet for a high-quality leather dog collar. If you’re in the market for one right now, then take a look at one of those mentioned above.

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