The Top 5 Dog Leashes For Running in 2017

Getting my daily dose of exercise is very important. For those of you who’ve stumbled on this article it’s likely that it’s important for you as well. Running with your dog can be a great way to keep in shape. Firstly, you should make sure you’re compatible. For example, if you have an a typical bulldog, it’s likely that you wouldn’t be able to drag them out on a 10 mile run as their smaller stature would leave them at an exhausted state much faster.

Other than that you have to make sure you have the proper equipment; in a similar fashion to  getting comfortable running shoes, shorts, etc. you have to make sure you have a top quality dog leash for running. Luckily, done our research into it, and we have some suggestions that will work well for you!

What to Search for in a Dog Leash for Running?

There are loads of signs to keep your eye peeled for when you’re searching for a proper leash made for running. It’s mostly about looking for something that is comfortable for both you and your canine friend. First of all, the lease you get should be compatible with your running style, height, and the height of the pup. The idea is to locate the perfect amount of leash that best suits you.


For those of you who are on the shorter side of life, longer leashes might not be the best choice mainly due to it dragging on the ground and leaving too much slack for your dog to gain further distance from you. For those who are much taller stature, it’s probably not a great idea to get a short lease because you can pull up every time you and your dog are at different distances. This can cause you to choke the dog and make it uncomfortable to breathe while running.


Adjustability helps to solve loads of problems caused by the first problem we discussed. There are several ways a leash can be adjusted. Some leashes come with a button that allows you to control the adjustment. Others can also be made of elastic, and some don’t have either of these features in design, instead, dog owners use a simple method of tieing a knot.


This is another important factor to take into consideration if you’re leash isn’t durable enough, then all the potential pulling and jerking could cause the leash to snap and lead towards your dog running away. Make sure the leash you purchase is quality made and doesn’t have a chance of snapping from a from a strong dog.

Hands-Free vs. Non Hands-Free

Deciding on whether or not you want a hand free leash or not should be a priority. These leashes are actually a pretty fantastic invention. It allows owners to run much more freely while leading their dogs around. These have gotten pretty popular amongst the running community due to their hands-off benefits. Furthermore, they usually come along with some nifty features, such as bright and reflective colors, robust design, LEDs, and their larger range of size option for all dogs. 

With that said, let’s go over some of my most favorite ones. I hope all my readers will find this helpful!

Roadrunner Running Leash

This is a fantastic lease for all sorts of reason. First of all, this leash is completely hands-free, allowing owners to preserve their preferred running style while bringing along their canine companion alongside them. The material behind it is quite strong and tightly interwoven with a quick connect mechanism attached. The waist is also adjustable from between 38 inches to 51 inches to the waste.

Although, if you’re on the shorter end, it’s likely won’t bother you too much, it doesn’t need to be tightened.

Another nifty feature for this leash is that it comes along with and LED light to attach on the leash loop. This is a fantastic addition for anyone who preferred to run during the night time.

Stunt Puppy Running Leash

This is another fantastic choice for anyone interested in a hands-free leash. It comes in various colors to help keep night runners safe. The design is simplistic, light and won’t cause any problems for your running style while attached to your dog. The black mount can also be adjusted from the belt to the leash and position it anyplace you’d like. Also, the belt can be adjusted anywhere from between 26-42 inches around the waist. Interestingly, the leash is made of elastic and can be stretched over 37 inches to 55 inches.


This gear is meant for real dogs–the kind of dogs that brave autumn without an argyle sweater. These are the dogs that ride shotgun on the way to the office, walk around the entire lake, retrieve the ball every time, nudge their running partners before the alarms go off, lunge off the dock without hesitation, search through the rubble until the job is done, pull the sled to the top of the hill…you get the idea.


MCBOSON Jogging Leash


Another leash on our list is this jogging leash, a high-quality, tightly woven material that won’t break or tear easily. It also comes attached with a quick release buckle that allows owners to release their dog and reconnect when needed. The waste can be adjusted to virtually any size, and the lease can be expanded up to 75 inches. Both the leash and the belt are completely made of nylon.

Comfort Action Running Leash

This incredibly light and yet highly effective leash can be used quite comfortable while taking your best friend out for a run or a simple walk. The size for the leash can be quite versatile, and fits any size, from the smallest waist to larger sized waist. The leash itself is made out of elastic and can be extended up towards 55 inches. The leash is also made out from shock absorbers elongation that helps keep stress off the owners wait and the dog’s neck.

Hands-Free Running and Hiking Belt

pupunite dog belt leash

This is actually more of a hiking belt that comes without a leash, but it does allow you to attach your preferred leash too it. Belts can be quite important in helping keep your pup alongside you during a run, so we decide to include this on the list alongside the leashes as well. These belts can be a great addition for anyone who enjoys running through the woods or taking enthusiastic hikes. A pouch comes attached to it allowing the owner to store various items, such as snacks and tools and includes an extra strong carabiner that can hold any least you attach with ease.

The waist is also adjustable to fit anyone that’s sized 28 inches to 51 inches. It another fantastic way to go hands-free while you’re out running with your canine friend.



We might have added a bit too many hands-free leashes, but they’ve proven to be one of the most effective leashes around for those who are interested in bringing their dogs for a good run and they’re great at keeping your dog controlled while out and about.


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