Top 10 Accessories Dog Owners Must Have

Finding the best accessories for your pup can be quite a lot of fun, and there are plenty of accessories to choose from. Walking through a pet shop, a large retailer or department store, and you’ll see aisles of some of the best foods, plush beds, toys of all shapes and sizes and even fashionable clothing for the dog. Any dog lover will be tempted to splurge on their best friend. Even so, it’s best to pick out only a few items out that will suit best for you pup. Here are some accessories you must have for your doggy.


One of the most basic and necessary accessories every dog owner needs in their life, a collar and leash. The collar, whether you buy a plain one or fancy one, helps hold your dog’s license and identification tag, which contains a list of your name and phone number. The leash is attached to the collar, of course, allowing you to safely take your dog out for a nice and relaxing walk. Make sure the collar fits snugly enough that it won’t easily slip off, but shouldn’t be too tight around its neck area. Make sure you can fit at least two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. As the pup continues to get older, you can expect to purchase several collars as they outgrow them.

My all time favorite are ones that are personalized with my dog’s name on it. Here’s a budget friendly one by Petsmart – Personalised dog collar


This leash is another important accessory that allows you to connect with your dog. It’s your dog’s safety line back to you that allows them to stay out of harm’s way. Even if you decide to keep them fenced in the yard a leash is a must have accessory for plenty of reasons. The leash will make potty training your pup away from all sorts distractions during bathroom breaks. Your dog will also need to be leashed trained when it’s time to take it to see a veterinarian. It’s also very important for walking the pup around the neighborhood, some places don’t allow unleashed dogs to walk around casually in the open.

ID Tags

ID Tags are a must have accessory because if your dog were somehow to go missing they would be able to find their way back home thanks to the information engraved onto the tags. The ID tag will ensure your dog gets home as quickly and safely as possible. After all, dogs can’t communicate with other fellow humans and tell them where they live or how to contact their owner through a phone number. You should have your dog collared at all times with their name and owner contact info so when someone does find your dog they’ll know who to contact.


Neck collars can put a lot of strain on the neck muscles and trachea. Another alternative to is the purchase either a body harness, chest harness, or even a face harness. Body and chest harnesses are more optimal for smaller to medium sized pups and face harness for larger dogs. These harnesses are available for all dog sizes, so you can safely choose one that will fit their body types. A harness helps give an even amount of pressure along the device and some harness can even help with pulling issues.  

Poop Bags

During your daily walks with your dog, it’s quite important that you pick up their feces with a dog poop bag. This helps keep the environment clean and prevents having people accidentally step on the mess. Dogs stool can sometimes even contain intestinal parasites or disease so it’s very important to clean up the feces so that another person’s dog does not get infected.


It’s natural for a dog to chew through things their entire life. Chewing allows the dog to stay occupied when they are lazing around. There are a variety of chews you can purchase for you pup.Some people have mistaken toys as being chews, but these are actually two completely different items. Chews are mostly known as rawhides, bones, bully sticks, and hooves. Although, some dogs have gotten upset towards these kinds of products. If your dog stomach gets upset, search for an alternative chew made of rubber, antler bone, nylon and corn starch.


Dogs are very active creatures and are in need of entertainment and mind stimulation. This is where dog toys come in. There are a variety of toys you can purchase for you pup, such as balls to play fetch, tug of war toys, plushies with squeaking noises, and puzzle toys are all fantastic accessories to purchase for your dog.

Training Clicker

Clicker training is a technique for dog training that utilizes a clicking noise to tell the dog what they did was the correct behavior to do when you made the clicking noise. Because you make the clicking noise with you dog training clicker they will now be getting a treat for the proper behavior. Clicker training is a type of positive reinforcement and can be used to teach you dog all sorts of commands.


Dog beds are another great accessory to get for you dog, especially if they’re a young puppy. The pup can lay on the bed whenever they want to take naps and can sleep there during the night. The bed will now only make sure they’re comfortable with their new surrounding but also more secure. This is great for people who either live in places with no backyards or simply don’t like the thought of having their dog sleep outside, especially with any sort of bad weather possibly hitting your area.

Puppy Pee Pads

Puppy pee pads are quite an essential accessory for anyone owner who’s keeping their dog inside their home. Especially if said dog is still a young puppy and hasn’t been properly potty trained yet. These pads are even more effective in containing and absorbing the moisture of their bodily waste than traditional towels.

There you have it, folks. Here are some important accessories that every dog owner should have on hand at all times, whether you’re a new owner or a veteran dog owner. These items will make taking care of your pup much easier.