Tips For Finding The Best Dog Breed For Your Personality

Alright kiddos, buckle down, cause here comes the fun train!

I know we all love Fido. We love small Fido, big Fido, medium sized Fido, bald Fido, and even mixed up Fidos! But the topic we’re about to discuss isn’t whether or not we love Fido, but which Fido is best for you and your current life status.

Do you live alone in an apartment? Do you have roommates in shared house? Or maybe you still lodge with the old’ rooster and mother hen? Regardless of where you live, there’s a Fido out there for you, and we’re going to find him together!

Best Dog Breed Based on Your Housing Situation

The first detail we’ll wrestle with is where you live. Given each breed has a varying degree of energy, activity levels, and such, whether you live in a 500 sq ft apartment or a 3000 sq ft house makes a noticeable difference.

Best Dogs for Apartments

best dog breed for city

Given that this is my current housing, let’s start with apartments. I’m going to go ahead and guess that most of you will be young professionals, or soon to be young professionals adulting for the first time in their very own apartments.

While apartments are the best option for people like us, they do pose certain limitations on which Fido we can snuggle up with at night. Many apartments have breed and size restrictions, while other outright ban them.

And if you live in big bold city, most affordable apartments are… shall we say, on limited footage. Most small apartments also lack any sort of fenced in back yards for young lil’ Fido to run around in.

So let’s get into it! Which breeds will work best for you?

English Bulldog

  • Medium sized breed
  • Kind of a lazy little puddle that would rather just chill out. Not too much energy


  • Unlike the common oak tree, the basenji’s body is not covered in hard, tough bark.
  • Also true, they are known for their quiet, non-barking demeanor.
  • Moderately sized doggy
  • Affectionately known as the “barkless” breed for a reason

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  • His Highness tends to be on a smaller end of medium sized
  • Very friendly, not at all stuck up as humans of noble blood are stereotyped to be

Boston Terrier

  • Perfectly sized at barely 12in tall! Won’t be snagging your pizza off the counter!
  • While cute and affectionate, do require walks just to keep their energy levels down

Great Dane

  • I KNOW I KNOW. It’s the biggest of dogs!
  • BUT, given its very laid back nature and quiet demeanor, she’ll make a wonderful roommate, albeit a large one.

Best Dogs for Homes

best dog breed for home

Maybe you’re living the successful dream and are a home owner! You have a nice sized house, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, finished basement, and a fenced in backyard. First off, what is your secret as to how you obtained such luxuries, and can you help a brotha out?!

Obviously having an entire house as opposed to just an apartment opens a whole new size allowance of Fidos. Fun fact: the biggest perk of being a home owner, from Fido’s perspective, isn’t the square footage, but rather the fenced in backyard. Huge plus for Fido!

Which lucky Fido’s are you going to share you home with? Pick from below!


  • Ah yes, it’s Shiloh!
  • Medium sized, easy to train and exercise, super cute. What more can you ask for?

German Shepherds

  • Fantastic guard dog, handsomer than Ryan Reynolds, and great for all families
  • Larger sized, but with a fenced in yard for exercise, perfect fit for the home!


  • While originally meant for hunting rodents, these little gals can adapt to any setting
  • Very energetic, so daily walks are a must!


  • Tiny, easy to exercise, fiercely protective
  • This little ball of affectionate energy will get along fine in your apartment!


  • Small sized dog of the toy family
  • While daily walks are good, lots of in the house play also works fine.

Best Dogs Based on Your Status

Now even if you love Fido, your love for him can only be matched by your love for your significant other. Or lack thereof.  (It’s okay, even if you have no one, you’re still loved!)

No matter though, Fido will fiercely love you, and some Fidos out there, maybe a little too fiercely. That’s right folks. Some Fido’s out there only have one heart to give, and works best with a lone wolf owner. But never fear, there are other Fido’s out there that can love all applicants at once!

Best Dogs for Single New Owners

best dog breed for singles

Before one can give their love, one must learn to love thyself. Or something like that. I don’t know, I didn’t pay attention in Sunday school. The point is, maybe you’re a lone soul, trying to find your bearings in life. What better way to do that than by getting a dog?

We all know of Sirius, the guiding star of the night sky. As well as the beloved animagus brilliantly portrayed by the great Gary Oldman.

So if you are one of the lone wolf packs, here are some breeds you can add to your pack.

Golden Retriever

  • You knew this ol’ pup breed was going to pop up, so here you go!
  • Loving, friendly, and eager to please. Best breed out there for your buck.

Labrador Retriever

  • Basically a shorter haired version of the golden retriever
  • Easy going, intelligent, and easy to train!


  • Hella chill, very calm, and very clean
  • These girls are so low maintenance, you’ll forget you even have a dog (just kidding! Don’t forget to fed them)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  • Super cheerful, unbelievable cheerful, and always eager to meet new people
  • Very well behaved and just as easy to train

Shih Zhu

  • These little Chinese guys are quick to fall in love, and easy to train
  • Small sized and easy to train, what more can you ask for in a new dog?!

Best Dogs for Families (with Babies)

dog for babies

Oh jeez, are you one of those brave souls willing to take on a furry little baby as well as your own human baby? Kudos to you, sir and ma’am. You’re a patient soul, and we should all strive to be more like you.

Having a young Fido at home with your very own young presents both a unique challenge, as well as a beneficial relationship.

It’s a unique challenge, as you’ll end up potty training the pup and your baby at the same time. You’ll have to essentially deal with the same issues, only now it’s inter-species!

But at the same time, it can blossom into a wonderful relationship between young Fido and your child. Your child will be able to grow up with a fuzzy warm best friend. The good boy is the best best friend a child could have.

Here are some candidates for the position of best best friend.


  • Yes!! It’s Lassie!
  • Known for their gentle and loving nature, perfect fit for your new baby

Golden Retriever

  • The breed with the golden heart, soft mouths, and loving soft eyes
  • Tolerant of a baby’s rough playing, goldies will for sure, win over your baby’s heart in no time.


  • Perfectly sized to pal around with your new born, and patient enough to always be willing to play.
  • Plus, you’ll get to film adorable videos of the pup and baby howl and sing their days away!

Labrador Retriever

  • Always willing to please, love to socialize, and good with babies
  • Loyal and loving. The best qualities for your baby’s first best friend.


  • Small stature, loves to play, and never gets tired of playing with you
  • Talk about taking care of 2 birds with one stone! Let the baby and the pug pup play and tire each other out while you catch a well deserved break.

Best Dogs for Families (with children)

best dog breed for familiesMaybe you’re a little more along on your family development! You and the lovely tied the knot before loved one, popped out a youngling, and now the youngling’s starting to grow up to be just like her ma and pa.

As Mark Twain once said “A child is never too young nor too old to relish in the love of a pet” Given the wisdom and literary success of Mr. Twain, you know he knows what he’s talking about. I can help you honor the late Mr. Twain, and so can you, by picking from one of the breeds below!

Random confession: I totally made up that Mark Twain quote. Good one though, isn’t it? Heh.


  • Very energetic and very playful!
  • Large enough to rough around with even the most enthusiastic of kids.


  • While shorter than other breeds, they come quite sturdy and ready to rumble
  • Sure, they’re on a lazier side, but bulldogs can take whatever your kid dishes out

Bull Terrier

  • Kind of a funky looking dog, but the only one on the list that has a job as Target’s very own representative dog.
  • Intelligent and in control, able to play rough without getting carried away

Golden Retriever

  • Extremely patient. Patient enough to handle all that prepubescent angst and teenagery pain.
  • Excellent swimmers as well! Great companion for days out by the lake.

Labrador Retriever

  • The number one choice of service animals, and a select choice for your family pet
  • Playful, loving, and protective. Literally the best dog out there.

Best Dogs for Seniors

best dog for seniorsAre… are you a senior citizen? If so, I am deeply deeply honored to have you as a reader. You’re a unicorn here on the internet, and I welcome your presence. As the saying goes, “you can never teach an old dog new tricks” and we all know that the saying ain’t true.

Or are you perhaps a granddaughter or son of a senior citizen and want to get ol’ gramps/pops a furry companion for him to enjoy? A low energy Fido that’s easy to take care of, yet requires a daily walk to keep your pops healthy and active?

Either way, here are some best Fido’s for our geriatric citizens!

French Bulldog

  • Small size, calm and easy going temperament
  • Equally easy to keep fit, a nice slow walk is all that’s required

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  • Smaller sized, but large enough to feel comfort while snuggling
  • This calm breed will be just as happy to lay on the couch and watch the Price is Right until the cows come home


  • One of the best lap dogs available!
  • Very attached to their owners needs, and adapts quickly to their lifestyle

Miniature Poodle

  • Easy to train, and have their own stylish sense of humor to keep your gramps and grandma entertained
  • Sturdy and reliable, great companion for walks around the neighborhood.

Yorkshire Terrier

  • Small breed with relatively easy maintenance
  • Easy to train, and kept happy with daily play times

Best Dogs Based on Where you Live

Now we all know that there is a noticeable contrast between city folks, country folks, and the feisty group known affectionately as suburban knights. While we can all agree that Fido can get along with every one of those folks, certain Fidos thrive better in different areas.

So where do you live? Are you in the heart of an exciting and thriving city? Perhaps in one of the surrounding calmer suburbs? Regardless of where you live, lets figure out who the best Fido is for you!

Best Dogs for City Life

best dog for city life

Most young professionals nowadays seem to live in the city, and chances are, you’re one of them.

God I’m envious of your life… I currently live in a small town and it’s nothing by pure fantasy to live in the city amongst you people!

Jealousy aside though, living in the city does set a few restrictions on which Fido you can or cannot have. Some are legal barriers, as many city apartments don’t allow certain breeds, and obviously available space is also an issue.

Keeping all that in mind, here are some potential Fidos for you.

French Bulldog

  • Relatively calm, quiet, and collected
  • Small sized that gets along well in the small city apartments

English Bulldog

  • Lazy as he looks, just needs daily walk to keep him happily panting at your side
  • As cute as his smooshy face is, his soft personality will sure to melt your heart


  • BOOM. A big ‘un. That’s right, we have the mighty mastiff on this list
  • As long as he gets his walk and you’re okay with drool, this handsome big one will add a little security to your city ventures.


  • Small sized, but not one of those annoyingly barky ones
  • Does require a slightly higher amount of grooming, but have a charming personality that makes it worthwhile.

Great Dane

  • A large dog with a soft heart, a soft heart as big as the dog himself!
  • I know the long legs and impressive height makes the city look tiny and cramped, but this lazy giant is quiet and has a lazy personality to match.

Best Dogs for the Suburbs

dog for suburbs

Ok, I saved the best for last. Lets say you’re lucky and live in the suburbs! It’s a cheaper alternative to the city, yet it’s got more things to offer than the country. You’ve got nice long walks to talk in the subdivisions, beautiful park districts to stroll along, and you’ve even got yourself a decent sized back yard just for your own Fido! What more can you ask for?

So if you are a suburban knight, as I was myself at one point, here are the best breeds for you!

Labrador Retriever

  • Lovable goof, energy levels to keep you running in circles, yet gentle enough for a Netflix cuddle marathon
  • The most popular breed that’ll surely try and make friends with all your neighbors

Golden Retriever

  • It seems like I can’t make a list that doesn’t include both the Labrador and the golden retriever, given how alike these dogs are to each other
  • Smart, gentle, and loving to everyone. Fits right in.

Irish Setter

  • A handsome dog, famous for her solid red mane
  • While originally a gun dog, a very athletic modern breed that can service you as a fellow couch potato or a jogging partner.


  • A loyal breed with higher intelligence, and a knack for knowing what you want
  • While cautious, they need a daily walk and plenty of exercise and play time, something that’s found in abundance in the suburbia.


  • The largest and buffest breed I’ve listed so far!
  • This gentle giant is a perfect fit for the suburbs and a silent guardian of your house.

Final Thoughts

Alright, so there you go.

I hope this list helps you find your perfect Fido.

[Real talk time]

I know many of you reading this already have your heart set on a certain breed, whether it be for their looks, or maybe you’ve had one in the family before. But regardless of how it ranks on my list, know that Fido is for you, and that the best breed for you may not necessarily be on my list.

I encourage you though to do some research into the breed you do want. Sometimes we get too caught up with how they look or how they were portrayed in our favorite childhood movies and wind up with a dog that just doesn’t match with us.

As I’ve listed above, that all those into consideration. Do you live alone? In a small apartment? Are children in your near future?

Bringing a dog into your life is simultaneously the most exciting, thrilling, foreboding, and nerve wracking day of your life.  Just take the time to make sure that it’s not a set up heartbreak.

Whoa that was a long article! I really hope that this provided enough resources for you to find your future best friend :P.

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