The Simple Guide To The Best Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers In 2018

If your canine friend enjoys chewing on bones and various toys you’ve acquired for them over the years, then I’m sure you can be a bit exasperated on how quickly they become chewed through after only a few hours! Quality bones don’t last for very long and cost far more than you’d like to spend on them. With this list we shall help you the owner acquire the best long lasting bones for your favorite pal can enjoy to their heart’s content.

What to Keep A Eye Out For

Dogs with much stronger jaws will most likely ingest small bits of bones than smaller dogs who nibble on their bones. Owners should pay extra close attention to what kind of bone you’re planning to give your dog. First of all, ensure the size of the treats is appropriate for your pup. There are a variety of sizes to choose from that can actually fit perfectly into the mouth of your dog without causing them o stress their jaws. Smaller breeds of dogs will require treats they’ll be able to put in their mouths without necessary strain. Also, you’ll need to make sure larger breeds have their treats big enough to not pose a potential choking hazard.

Here a list of bones that we’ve chosen to be the best and longest lasting around for the more aggressive biters around.

Antler Dog Chew

Antlers shed from Deers are some of the best around, they are natural, healthy, odor-free and long-lasting for some of the strongest chewers around. Deers tend to shed their antlers every year between Winter and early Spring so getting your hands on them around that time is much easier. The sizes come in various options and can be quite cheap to purchase depending on the amount you wish to purchase. Our personal recommendation is the Antler Dog Chew from Pet Expertise they come at a decent price and last for quite a long while.

Bully Sticks

These sizable bully sticks have been built to last for a quite a long time for a larger breed of dogs who really aggressively chew through their treats rapidly as possible. These are 100% naturally made treats that are made from free range grass fed cattle. Unlike other certain chews, these are odorless so you won’t have to worry about any weird smells spreading inside your home if you allow your dog to chew inside. Artificial dyes and other ingredients with the potential to stain your floors are non-existent as well.


Nylabone Healthy Edibles

Most dog owners will recognize the Nylabone brand for their synthetic dog treats, but what most aren’t aware is their large range of treats that can meet the needs for all dogs of various backgrounds, regardless of shape and sizes. With these amazing edible venison bones, Nylabone guarantees both dogs and owner alike for a safe chewing experience. These chews are developed in the USA and will not grow any sort of mold if your dog decides o bury them in the backyard or loses it somewhere in the vicinity of your home. Smells on the other can are possible, unfortunately, but it takes quite a long while for such thing to occur.


Himalayan Dog Chew

Created from either yak or cow milk, salt and lime juice, this amazing treat is quite digestible. If you’re worried about your dog swallowing any piece from this treat, then don’t it’s made to be quite healthy for them. This chew has become very popular in a recent couple of years and comes in a variety of sizes for both big and small dogs. These treats are quite popular with dogs so go ahead and give them a try.


Braided Bully Stick

These have been considered to be the ultimate form for all bully sticks out there due to it being braided and extra think for a longer-lasting and enjoyable chewing experience for your canine pal’s pleasure. The sticks also come from free-range cattle and are all natural. While the price is a bit higher than other bully sticks, keep in mind that this is 8 normal bully sticks braided together.


Earth Animal No-Hide Chicken Chews

Normally, handing over your dog some chicken bones is considered to be a hugely bad idea to do so, but these bones offer all that chicken flavor without the danger they’d normally be put in with regular bones. These are 100% digestible bones are rolled, cooked, and dried for a long lasting and delicious experience.

Boom! There you have it folks 🙂

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