How To Remove Water In Dogs’ Ears Easily

Dogs love to swim and play in the water. If your dog loves water like mine, then there’s a big chance that water can get in their ears. Water in dogs’ ears isn’t a good thing because it can cause infection within the ear. So after a good old swim, we want to try our best to remove the water from our dogs’ ears as easily as possible.

However, this is easier said than done. No worries though, in this article, I’ll cover the easiest way for you to remove water in your dog’s ear.

Water ear infection in dogs

A water-based ear infection in a dog, known as otitis externa, is not all that different to the “swimmer’s ear” condition that humans may be able to get. When your dog goes for a swim, water could accumulate in his ears just like it can with humans.

The only difference is that dogs have a different shaped ear than humans do. Water does not naturally fall out as easily as it does with human, therefore causing a lot of infection problems for your dog.

Floppy-eared dogs such as golden retrievers or cocker spaniels are more susceptible to this condition than dogs whose ears are upright. Because the ears tend to fold over the canal, moisture has a greater tendency to stay within the canal. This creates a haven for yeast and other bacteria that are the cause of ear infections.

The most simple water removal solution for your dog

There are a lot of ways you can remove water from your dogs’ ears. The most common way would be drying it out, but that usually isn’t sufficient enough.

The most effective way would be to use a Witch Hazel solution to clean out the ear. The one that I recommend is synergy witch hazel dog cleanerThis is the most painless and complete solution to cleaning out the water and yeast in your dogs’ ears. It also helps remove ear wax and contains no alcohol in it.

If you don’t want to purchase a solution and want to try something at home, you can create your own homemade drying solution. A simple solution of hydrogen peroxide or apple cider vinegar blended with equal parts purified water will help to quell the infection while making it easier to dry out the wet stuff.

The only downside of this solution is that it can cause burning in your dog’s ears. This is why I prefer the Witch Hazel solution mentioned above since it’s painless.

What happens after water gets in your dogs’ ears?

The first thing you should always do is dry off your dogs’ ear gently. Depending on the shape of the ears, you might want to gently go under their flappy ears and dry off the surface.

Next, you’ll place several drops of the solution in the ear canal, being careful not to shove the tip of the dropper deep into the ear canal.

The next step would be to give your dogs’ ear a little gentle massage on the side so that the medication can slowly dissolve into the inner parts of the ear.

The natural reaction from your dog would be for it to shake its head. This is normal because your dog is trying to get the water out of the ear. Let it do that for a few minutes and then wipe our the inner part of his ear to get rid of the remaining liquid. You might be surprised, but some ear wax might come out along with the water!

Will my dog get an ear infection from the water?

There’s no certain answer for this. It is important that you monitor and watch your dog’s behavior after you remove the water. Not all the water is removed a small percentage of the time and that can cause the remaining water to cause an infection within your dogs’ ears.

If that is the case, then I would recommend that you apply EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula to treat the infection. Some of the signs you’ll want to look out for include excessive rubbing or pawing at his ears, redness and swelling around the ears, or any funky odor or discharge. If you notice these signs and the above EcoEars solution didn’t fix the problem, then you should consult your local vet. instantly to prevent future damage in the ears.

Can It really get that bad?

Most of the time ear infection won’t happen, but it’s just something that you should be careful of as a dog owner and it’s something that you should be aware of. My dogs play in the water all the time and they usually have no problem drying themselves out. There are only a few times where the water was stuck inside their ears and I had to apply the Witch Hazel solution that I mentioned above. Never did any of my dogs have an ear infection because of water. At least I hope never!

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