This Petcube Bites Wi-Fi Pet Camera Allows You To Give Treats To Your Dogs Remotely (Review)

Owning a pet can be rough at times, as much as we enjoy our furry companions, being able to spend time and make sure they are doing well can be difficult for most to keep up with. Especially during work days were your inside an office cubicle working away for an hour on end. Worrying about feeding your pet or if they are feeling lonely with you gone for most of the day lingers at the back of your head. Unlike other friends and family member, you can’t simply text or call your dog to make sure they are doing well. They don’t have opposable thumbs to interact with smartphones after all. Luckily, us humans can be very inventive people and due to this, the existence of Petcube Bites about. This slick new gadget is something all pet owners have been craving for, a device that allows them to not only communicate with their dogs while they are away from home, but also dispense them with treats and food.

petcube bites review

Petcube Bites is the latest inventions of Petcube’s internet-based pet care monitor. With 4 different color schemes being available, those being carbon black, rose gold, and silver, this gizmo easily in any furnished home. Petcube bites is an interesting mixture of pet sitter and a security camera that features 138-degree wide angle view, 1080p HD video, night vision, 3x digital zoom, and two-way audio.

The device measures 7 inches wide by 3 inches deep, and it stands 12 inches tall. It weighs 3.5 pounds and contains holes at the very back, allowing owners to mount it up on their walls. Its current price is set to $180 on amazing, so it might be a bit too much for dog owners to justify the purchase.


Let’s go through its list of features and find what makes this gadget enticing for pet owners to go out and purchase one of their own.

  • Dispense treats: Petcube bites come with a treat dispenser container that holds a total of 100 treats and can toss them at various distances. The treats have been shown to go as far as six feet. Owners can either schedule when the treats are allowed to dispense them, or you can simply fling them yourself whenever you feel like it. Owners can also manage how many treats they are willing to hand out to their dogs.
  • Receive footage via HD camera: This gizmo utilizes a 1080 pixel HD Camera that has a wide field of view at 138 degrees. The camera can see crispy clear during the night time or low light conditions. Furthermore, the camera is capable of zooming in 3x.
  • Two-way audio function: Another interesting feature that allows you to listen in on what’s going on in your own home. You’ll be able to call out to your pet thanks to the help of the cam and be notified with sound-activated alerts.
  • Refill indicator: The treat contains comes along with a sensory that informs you when the treats are starting to deplete. Constantly checking to make sure it’s filled is not necessary since you’ll receive an alert when its time to refill the container.
  • Mobile app: The Petcube comes with an app that allows pet owners to look through a live feed at any time they wish too. The interface itself is sleek and intuitive to handle. During a live stream, there are several icons that allow you to throw treats, take a photo, record a video, or even start a live stream on Facebook. The app allows you to talk to or even listen in on your dogs at all times. You can also a laser game with your dog through the application as well. While running the game, owners can control a laser light with their fingers. Simply move your finger around the live video feed and the laser will follow the same path. Any dog owner out their will love the additional features included in this mobile app. For instance, being able to browse through a gallery filled with pictures of your canine companion, or you can even follow other galleries of friends and family alike. The option to make your feed public is also available, so people can also check in and play with your dog.
  • Home security: The Petcube Bites can also double as a home security camera as well. Due to its motion and sound detection, any movement or noise picked up by the treat cam will automatically be recorded through a video that can be reviewed at a later time. Owners of this device will be able to enjoy up to four hours of video recording in the cloud for absolutely free or upgrade to 30 days of recordings with a subscription to the Petcube Care service.

Furthermore, the Petcube Bites is quite simple to install and maintain. It’s ready to be used once you’ve taken it out of its packaging. Simply connect your smartphone device in order to begin using. The treat container is also detachable, so putting it in the dishwasher is possible when it’s time to wash it. For those who may be worried about potential hackers using your Petcube Bites to spy in on your feed, those worries can be put to rest. The Petcube Bite comes with a 128-bit encryption and transfers the photos and videos with a secure data transfer via SSL.

Personal Review.
So far I’ve been having a positive experience with this device. I had to hire a dog walker for a couple of weeks due to issues cropping up in my life. When I discovered Petcube Bites for sale I decided to give a try myself. Setting the device was very easy. Simply plug it into a decent spot and download the app, and press a couple of buttons.

The audio feature has been a fantastic addition for me, allowing me to communicate with my dog easier, although it was a bit touch and go at first since my dog got spooked when I used it the first time. Eventually, he got over it and got excited every time I would speak through the audio. The camera quality is top notch and I and was very impressed by how crisp and clear everything looked through it especially in the dark. The treat container holds much more than I personally anticipated, which is a positive point on my end. Keep in mind that it does make a bit of a noise when shooting out treats, which depending on your dog, can make them weary or afraid of the gizmo, something that happened with my dog during its initial use. Even so, being able to toss some treats at my dog anytime I wish is an incredible feature.

A complaint I can add to this is opening up the live stream feed. Whenever I do so a notification pops up stating that I’m next in line for control. This is pretty strange since I’m the only one with access to the live stream. So it stating that I have to wait in line for myself? I can only assume it’s a minor glitch that will hopefully be patched up eventually. However, overall I’m pretty satisfied with the results I’ve gained from using Petcube Bites. This gadget can sell pretty well with other dog owners if it was simply a bit cheaper.

If you’re interested, it’s currently on sale on Amazon now with this link

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