What Does It Mean When A Dog’s Nose Is Wet? How About A Dry Nose?

When a human has a wet nose, it could mean that they are feeling sick, but this same concept does not apply to dogs. I always wondered what does it mean when a dog’s nose is wet. I walk in my house after work and my dog starts sniffing me, but his nose is always cold and wet despite the fact that the room is warm. How come?

I’m sure many of you dog owners out there noticed the same exact thing. The upside is that a wet dog nose isn’t something that you should worry about. Let’s get into details on what does it mean when a dog’s nose is wet!

What does it mean when a dog’s nose is wet?

There could be many simple reasons why a dog’s nose is wet. Let’s break them down!

Your dog is licking his own nose – My dog loves to lick his nose. This puts a lot of his “snots” on the nose. Dogs are like humans in a way. They don’t like to be dirty and dirt tends to stay on the nose because they’re always sniffing around.

Because of this reason, your dog might choose to lick his own nose to clean up the dirt. This will cause a dog’s nose to be wet.

Mucus can form on your dog’s nose – Another thing most dog owner’s don’t know is that when dogs are trying to follow and sniff a scent, their noses make a thin layer of mucus that allows them to actually absorb scent and smell better.

A wet nose can keep them cool – Dogs like to lick themselves when they are trying to cool down. Not only does this cause the dog’s nose to be wet, but they’re also born this way. It’s apart of their natural habit to cool themselves down.

“Dogs don’t have normal sweat glands, like people,” says Dr. King, “so they secrete sweat from the pads of their feet and their noses.”

Your dog is putting in work with its wet nose – Have you ever noticed that your body could feel cold after an intense workout? This is because your body is using a lot of energy to try and cool off after the workout. It’s the same with dogs. Dogs tend to work their nose a lot when you’re walking it. They like to sniff around and build up moisture from damp grasses and other wet objects. This causes the dog’s nose to be wet.

What about a dry nose? Should I be concerned?

As I mentioned above, a wet nose is normal for dogs, but how about a dry nose? A dry nose shouldn’t trigger any major medical concerns as well. Some dog breeds tend to have drier nose compared to other dog breeds. This leads them to have a drier nose than other breeds.

The temperature and moistness of a nose is not a good indicator of overall health status. Now, if your dog is used to having a wet nose, but suddenly you notice that your dog’s nose is dry, then it could mean that it’s dehydrated.

This is why it’s important to ensure that your dog is hydrated at all times. Always have a water pot around for them to drink out of. Some dog breeds also develop a dry nose as they age, but usually, this doesn’t happen out of anywhere. It happens slowly over time.

If you noticed a rapid change in temperature with your dog’s nose, you should begin by examining your dog’s nutrition and to see if there might be other symptoms of sickness such as a loss of appetite or abnormal behaviors.

What does it mean if my dog’s nose is extremely wet?

It’s important that you always keep track of your dog’s behaviors and temperature. If your dog’s nose becomes extremely wet, then it could possibly mean a medical issue. If you notice an extreme of mucus or if the mucus becomes thick or discolored, call your veterinarian. Nasal discharge can indicate respiratory infections or even foreign bodies in the nasal passages.

With that said, if your dog’s nose is always wet, then it shouldn’t be something that should trigger any worries for you.

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