What Happens If My Dog Ate Hard Plastic?

Recently a close friend of mine called me and told me that his dog ate hard plastic. This wasn’t the first time this happened, but the first time his dog ate plastic, his dog threw up and it came right back out, however this time, he is worried that the plastic may have been stuck in his system. His dog is also acting sick after he ate hard plastic.

My friend called me a solution for this and was wondering how worried he should be. At this point, it seemed like it may have been stuck in his pup’s stomach. Usually in this situation the local vet. would recommend surgery to remove it, but that sounds scary.

Try to get your pup to throw up

The first solution is by trying to create what I call a “throw up mix” to see if we can force the plastic out of your pup’s system. For this mix, I like to include flaxseed because it will make things smooth and slippery. A cheap one that you can buy on Amazon like this one is perfect to add into the mix.

I like to mix this with hot water and something slimmy like squash. Cook it up with hot water. Lastly, you can add hydrogen peroxide to force your pup to throw up. When peroxide reacts with stomach juices it bubbles up, which makes most dogs throw up.

Luckily, this solution fixed the problem, but sometimes things can get more complicated than that and surgery might be necessary. This is a much more affordable solution for when your dog ate something like hard plastic.

What would usually happen if my dog ate hard plastic?

Let’s dive a little bit more into detail on what can happen if your dog ate hard plastic.

That depends on whether or not the plastic gets stuck in your dog’s digestive tract or if it’s stuck in their throat.

A piece of plastic that’s got smooth edges, will probably pass through intact, doing no harm. Same for small scraps, like a bite of plastic grocery bag. In other words, if the plastic is small enough, then your dog might just digest it. This usually also applies to soft plastic.

What we’re worried about is if the plastic is a hard and sharp one. This can be super dangerous because it can cut your dog’s digestive system. If the above throw up solution doesn’t work, then we would need a vet to perform surgery.

Another thing is that if the plastic is long, then it can curl up within your dog’s digestive system and surgery would be a must.

It’s possible for smooth-edged foreign objects to get stuck in a dog’s gut, but in cases where the dog has swallowed something like that, most vets advise owners to wait and make sure the object comes out the other end. If the dog has just swallowed it within the last hour, giving the dog something to eat can help the object pass through more easily.

What to look out for if your dog ate hard plastic

As mentioned above, most vets would recommend that you wait a few days to see how your dog reacts to it. During this time, you should watch your dog for signs of distress: excessive vomiting or drooling, constipation, loss of appetite. Seek veterinary care if you see any of these symptoms or anything else of concern.

Another thing to notice is whether or not your dog is drooling after eating hard plastic.

If he is, the plastic may be stuck in the esophagus or your dog ate a toxin. You should see your vet immediately and get it out of his esophagus.


I’ve been in this situation a few times and the first solution of creating a throw up mix usually fixes the problem. I’ve never had to had a vet perform surgery on my dog for eating plastic, but if it is a crucial situation, then it is necessary. The mix can be purchased overnight with Amazon’s free Prime shipping and you should prepare it during the days you are waiting to see how your dog is reacting to the plastic.

One thing I want to note is that if your dog is a dog that likes to chew on objects like plastic, you should keep it away from him.

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