Foods That You Can And Can’t Give To Your Dog

Before I get started on this topic, let me paint you a picture: It’s Thanksgiving dinner. You’re at home with your family, excited to show off your nauseatingly cute new puppy. Everyone’s oohing and ahhing over Fido, and your sister’s in the corner bitterly crying jealous tears. Warm fire crackles in the fireplace.

As you settle down at the dinner table to enjoy your victorious Thanksgiving dinner, a small paw eagerly pats your leg, and a wet nose excitedly sniffs your hands. You look down, and it’s already too late. Fido hits you with his big old puppy eyes and you know that momentarily, you’ll be sliding off pieces of your dinner down to your eager beaver waiting at your feet.


We all know that chocolate is bad for your dog, but what else is? Is your mom’s Thanksgiving turkey okay to give Fido? What about your Uncle Richard’s family famous beer sausages? Oh my god, what about Grandma Phyllis’s insanely good carrot cake??

Relax. That’s what I’m here for.

I know it can be confusing to know what’s safe and what’s not to give Fido, so here’s a simple straightforward list of what is and isn’t safe.

Before I continue, I must stress that this is only my opinion (informed opinions), and while it is safe for most dogs, make sure to consult your veterinarian in case of any allergies or medical conditions.

Before we get into the details, here is an awesome infographic showing you what your dog can and can’t eat.

So can Dogs eat bananas? YES!

There is a common misconception that dogs can’t eat bananas, but in fact bananas are perfectly safe for consumption as long as they are given in moderation.

Bananas have so many great nutrition benefits for your dog. They are high in vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and vitamin B.

So the next time you think about giving your dog a banana, don’t hesitate!

Most Commonly Searched Foods for Fido


common dog foods

Aight so now we can get into the fun foods. The yummy non-veggies and fruits. The ones most of us would have literally no idea about giving to Fido. Now I’m sure all of ya’ll have heard that chocolate isn’t safe for dogs, but what else isn’t?

Never fear people. I am here, Jesus H Christ, dog owner. (Please don’t tell my Sunday school teacher I referred to myself as Jesus. I was just kidding!)


  • Perfectly acceptable snack food for your pup!
  • Served them boiled or fried.
    • Though if fried, try to avoid using cooking oils to fry them.


  • Very safe, and very often used!
    • True story time: At the last animal hospital I worked at, if we had sick patients that refused to eat their meds, and we didn’t want to stress them out by pilling them ourselves, we’d hide the pills in the pieces of cheese. Worked like a charm!
  • However, some dogs may be lactose intolerant, so watch for signs like diarrhea.


  • You’d be nuts not to give them peanuts
  • Just kidding. They are safe, but high in fat! So use sparingly


  • I’m gonna go ahead and give a lukewarm so-so on this one
  • While almonds are not toxic, they can cause digestive upset


  • Why not enjoy a mutual bag of popcorn with Fido while watching Netflix??
  • Popcorn is safe, but make sure that no unpopped kernels are digested
    • Also, the unflavored or less salted popcorn would be ideal


  • Think and treat milk the same as cheese
  • Yes, it is safe, but those who happen to be lactose intolerant, will probably get the squirts

checkmarkPeanut Butter

  • Oh wait, sorry.. lol
  • Of course peanut butter is safe! A pup’s love for peanut butter is only rivaled by their love for us
  • HOWEVER: Make sure to avoid the sugarless peanut butter, as they use a sugar replacer called xylitol, which is highly toxic


  • Its sliced variant is the cornerstone of great inventions by mankind, of course it can be enjoyed by mans best friend
  • Just make sure to avoid overfeeding it

x markCorn

  • I know it’s technically a vegetable, but it’s been placed here due to.. technicalities
  • Corn as its individual kernels, fine for Fido.
  • The cob? A big no no.


  • Hell yes. Classy dogs love them some seafood
  • Shrimp is fine for Fido, just avoid giving too much of it


  • Honey, you’d bee crazy not to!
  • Perfectly safe. Can even help with allergies! As always, avoid giving too much


  • Safe. But do make sure the meat is fully cooked
  • While it is safe, it is highly fatty so can lead to health issues


  • Delicious safe. It’d be a… rice change to their diet. Hahaa, god I’m funny
  • Rice is safe and a good bland diet to use when their tummy’s are upset


  • Acceptable for Fido in both its cooked and raw form
  • I’m not sure who’d be feeding their pup sushi though?


  • Ha, a throwback to my initialThanksgivingg dinner set up
  • Turkey itself is fine for Fido. However, the seasoned up version we enjoy dripping in fatty gravy, is no good for Fido.


  • Good for both Fido and his digestive system!
  • Just make sure to avoid overfeeding, and highly sugary ones

10 Fruits for Fido

what fruits can dogs eat

If we want Fido to be healthy, we want to make sure he’s getting all his fruits and veggies right? Here are the most common fruits you can give your pup!


  • A fun crunchy healthy snack!
  • Great source of vitamin C and vitamin A
  • Tip: remove the core and seeds before hand


  • Easy to store, easy to serve
  • However, very high in sugar, so maybe a rare treat


  • Delicious, hydrating summer snack
  • Excellent source of lycopene!
  • Good for vitamins A, B, and C


  • Fun to give and have them push around with their lil’ snoots!
  • Helps prevents cancer and heart diseases


  • Make sure to always serve in… pairs! Hahaha just kidding
  • Can strengthen Fido’s intestinal lining


  • Be wary of serving size! While full grown large dogs can handle a whole orange, it’s best to start off the pup with a slice or two
  • Best served without the rinds


  • Fun fact: if you give Fido a mango, he’ll tango with you! (if this happens, let me know ASAP)
  • Mangoes are jam packed with vitamins A, B, C, and E


  • Make sure to remove the pit!
  • Serve in slices. Great source of yummy fiber


  • Both the fruit AND the kisses are acceptable for the pup
  • The fruit version is low in sugar, high in fiber and vitamins


  • Perfectly safe for Fido, as long as you didn’t grab Spongebob’s house
  • Great for fiber, vitamins, minerals, and healthy enzymes

5 Fruits NOT for Fido

bad fruit for dogsAs delicious and healthy as most fruits are for us, there are some that aren’t all that well for your pup. So to prevent any accidental fata fruiting, here are the top 10 fruits to avoid giving to your Fido.

x markGrapes

  • Any variant of this fruit should be avoided, this includes raisins
  • Regardless of dog size and amount consumed, can lead to kidney failure

x markCherries

  • Technically the fruit itself is safe
  • BUT the pit and plant is highly toxic, so avoid it to be safe

x markCurrants

  • Very similar properties as grapes
  • Even in small amounts can lead to kidney failure

x markApricots

  • Treat similarly to cherries
  • Every other part of the plant and the pit is highly toxic

x markPersimmons

  • Seeds of persimmons are highly dangerous
  • If ingested, can lead to enteritis of the intestines.

10 Vegetables for Fido

vegetables for dogsNow that we’ve got sweet fruits covered, here are some greens that Fido can enjoy.


  • Best served as a sparing treat!
  • High in fiber, vitamin C, and low in fat


  • Crunchy, colorful, and fun to use as a training tool
  • Low calories, and the crunch is good for dental health!


  • Safe and yummy, BUT better if served cooked/boiled
  • If given raw, can lead to an upset stomach

checkmarkSweet Potato

  • Also should be served cooked and peeled
  • Avoid any of its delicious variants, like sweet potato pie or casseroles


  • Have very few calories, serves as a energy reboot
  • High in micronutrients and biotin


  • High in fiber, low in calories
  • Healthy source for beta-carotene


  • Similar in characteristics to cucumbers
  • As a added bonus, also helps keep their breath fresh!

checkmarkGreen Beans

  • Low calorie, high in fiber, very filling snack
  • Rich in vitamins A, C, and K


  • Can be given in safe moderate amounts!
  • Just avoid giving in anything past moderate amounts


  • A fun, wet, crunchy snack for Fido!
  • However, lettuce has little to no nutritional value. More of a fun texture for your puppy to enjoy

5 Vegetables NOT for Fido

dead dog

As I did with the fruits section, let me provide you with a  short list of vegetables to avoid. I’ll keep this a bit shorter, as it’s best to try and remember more of what is okay to give your little pup pup, than try and remember a whole bunch of what to avoid.

x markTomatoes

  • Despite it being delicious on pizza, it’s quite toxic to lil’ Fido
  • Can cause gastrointestinal upset if digested

x markRhubarb

  • While we can enjoy it as a yummy pie, not so much for our 4 legged buddy
  • Can cause calcium depletion

x markGarlic

  • Despite some saying it is beneficial, can be dangerous for pups
  • If ingested, can cause heart and respiratory issues

x markRaw potatoes

  • As mentioned in the Safe Vegetables list, potatoes MUST be cooked before giving to your pup
  • If consumed raw, can lead to heart failure and vomiting

x markAvocado

  • Okay, I know this one’s controversial! I know we love it as a healthy super food for us. BUT. Not for the pups I’m afraid
  • Avocado has a toxin that when consumed, can cause diarrhea and vomiting

Final Thoughts

Who would have thought that giving your pup some vegetables and fruits could be so confusing, am I right? I mean, based on what our parents told us, eating all veggies and fruits were supposed to be good for us. Such liars. But we’re better than that. We’ll be better parents to our Fido than our parents ever were for us (sorry mom..)

Anyways. I know I just threw a bunch of lists at you, and there’s a whole mix of vegetables and fruits rolling around in your head. But for the sake of your pup, keep it simple. It’s best if you learn the perks of a handful of vegetables and fruits that you and your pup like, and stick to it.

Before you leave though, I think it’s important that you keep a few of these rules in mind to keep things on track:

  1. Always wash all vegetables and fruit
  2. Peel the fruits. Avoid the skins
  4. Serve vegetables as is. No variants!
    1. Such as potato pies, rhubarb pie, etc
  5. Did I mention, REMOVE THE PITS/SEEDS?
  6. Last and most importantly: Don’t overuse. These foods should be kept and used as special treats of special occasions.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it gave you some good insights on what your dog can eat and can’t eat. If you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to our dog owner’s newsletter!

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