Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Pet Fountain Review in 2018

Keeping hydrated is essential for any living beings overall health and wellbeing. Filling your canine companions bowl is quite important but easily forgettable task to perform at times. Of course, it’s not due to you being a neglectful owner, simply comes with having to maintain a busy schedule and life throwing all sorts of curveballs in your direction. Even so, you should take steps to further prevent such things from happening over time. Automatic dog water fountains have become a thing and recent years and Dogit Design Fresh and Clear Drinking fountain are the latest in dog hydration technology. This beauty of an invention can hold a large capacity of water and prevent it from becoming stagnant.


This fountain was specifically created for much larger dogs in mind. The fountain sits up off the ground, so it’s unnecessary for a much taller dog to bend down to get a sip of cool water. It was quite interesting to see my German shepherd take a nice long drink from the fountain. The design of this fountain is quite unique compared to others in the market, although that wasn’t the main draw for me when it came to deciding on the purchase for this hydration unit. It’s large capacity to contain water, the purification filters and the affordability where the main draw for my decision on this hydration unit.

Originally I was a bit hesitant and worried if it would even be a good choice for my German Shepard and other dogs that I sometimes take care of. I was seeking for a water fountain that could accommodate a group of dogs trying to get a sip of refreshing water. Eventually, I caved in and decide to give the Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain had to offer.

For those of you who own an extra large dog or even multiple breeds of dogs, this fountain can be a huge help for containing large amounts of water. If your an owner who’s in this current position, then I personally recommend the Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain.

The Review

When I first set my sights upon this particular pet fountain, I noticed that it had quite a unique design compared to other fountains I’ve looked up. The lays upon a pedestal that alleviates the water access point up to 14 inches off the ground. This feature has become one of my favorites, mainly due to how easier it is for much taller dogs and canines that may suffer from arthritis and other possible joint issues, to drink from. Quite similar to some of the raised food bowls that exist in current pet related markets.

Another interesting feature of this water fountain is the replaceable water filters that come equipped. Although, to be frank, the water filter isn’t really that easy to clean up and took far longer than I thought it would. The Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain comes along with various attachable, which not only makes it quite the hassle to clean up, it can be troublesome to simply fill it in with water.

Here how it works when it comes to filling the Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain with water. First of all, you’ll have to take the water off the base, turn it upside down, open the valve and let it fill with water. It’s not as simple as other hydration units in the market which are mostly open bowls that only require water to be poured in. When it’s time to clean the fountain, you’ll have to take it apart piece by piece to ensure you’ve removed any potential bacteria and contamination. This can take somewhere around 20 minutes or so to clean the water fountain, but it only requires to be done once a week.

The Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain also comes equipped with a small motor, which requires electricity to operate. This fountain does a fantastic job at aerating the water but can be difficult to with you while traveling. It simply can’t be used while on the move, and you won’t be able to take this water fountain with you while out camping in the woods where electricity is practically unavailable.

Its possible to purchase the Dogit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain for larger dogs quite cheaply on Amazon.  It’s easily affordable for anyone to purchase this top quality fountain, which is quite impressive. Other water fountains tend to be marketed for a much more higher price. While most of you may think the material used to make this water fountain may be some really cheap stuff, I can assure you that its made of BPA-free plastic components which are top-shelf dishwasher safe. Really the only other downside is the fact that it doesn’t come with a cleaning kit for the pump. Even so, if your search for a cheap and reliable water fountain, then the Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain was the best choice to keep your canine companion fully hydrated.

So there you have it folks, that’s my 2018 review of this product. It’s a good product and I do recommend it. Right now you can save 15% with FREE shipping directly on Amazon

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