What Is Dog Leaky Gut And How To Heal It

How to heal dog leaky gut?

Over the years of keeping up with the latest health news for maintaining the health of your pup, you’ve heard about the leaky gut syndrome in passing. While his name may come off as a bit ridiculous sounding, it’s a very serious condition for anyone one to have, especially for our canine companions.

As time goes by, medical experts have discovered it source coming from digestive ailments along with a variety of other diseases, these include allergies, arthritis, and autoimmune disorders, along with possible multiple sclerosis.

While some of you readers may have heard this only occurring in us human folks, it possible for your canine companion to suffer this condition and become sick from it as well.

So I bet at this point most of you are wondering what is leaky gut syndrome?

What is a Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut occurs when the guy’s mucosal, semipermeable intestinal lining was damaged in some manner. Usually, the lining allows broken down nutrients from the intestines to flow through the bloodstream while keeping toxins, undigested food and other such undesirable items inside the gut.

When it comes down to a leaky gut, the lining becomes much more permeable, meaning all of the bad stuff usually contained is able to pass along through the bloodstream with nothing holding it back, which as I’m sure you’ve concluded isn’t a positive thing. With said problematic material entering the bloodstream, the body’s immune system launches an attack against them. This is when you’ll witness such symptoms as widespread “allergies” appear because the body starts view undigested food, such as bits of meat, in the bloodstream and categorizes them as a threat.  As more continue to leak into the bloodstream, the more the body will begin to view this as a threat and the greater the symptoms increase for the body.

Now, I’m sure your all starting to wonder how this can happen in the first place? What events can cause these injuries to the guts lining can make everything come crumbling down? Well, let’s answer that in the next part.

Maintaining a Balanced Gut

While this subject has undergone plenty of debate and scrutiny as to what can cause this sort of damage, most experts have agreed that it has to due with the gut’s microbiome, the microorganisms living there providing the proper balance for good and bad bacteria and such.

When this order of wellness gets thrown out of balance by a variety of factors, some being antibiotics, corticosteroids, highly processed diets such as kibble, and vaccination being a few, the bad bacteria and yeast take over. This imbalance leads to damaging inflammation, which transforms into a leaky gut.

Now the real question here is, what exactly can you do in order to cure your pup of this unfortunate problem?

Treatments For dog leaky Gut


This step shouldn’t come as much of a surprise for most of you as healthy eating can play a large role in healing a leaky gut. While no dog is the same giving them a nutritionally minded meal is key, but consulting a holistic should be a priority if you suspect your dog is suffering from a leaky gut.

Just make sure to remember these two key points tied to the syndrome: and overpopulation of negative bacteria and yeast along with inflammation. You should do your best to avoid carbohydrates and starches such as grains and potatoes because they’re essentially sugar and sugar feeds yeasts. Not only do grains convert into sugar, but they’ve been known to be pro-inflammatory.

Omega 3

Including some omega-3s or even phytoplankton into your dog’s diet can be a fantastic way to combat the inflammation associated with leaky gut. If convincing them to consume some fish is difficult you can always purchase omega-3 supplements to help out as well. We recommend the use of Omega 3 Chew Treats for Dogs. It’s an all natural fish oil pet supplement that can greatly help in combating your dog’s inflammations.


Due to leaky gut syndrome originated from an imbalance of gut flora, probiotics are a given.

Furthermore, along with the use of probiotics supplements, there are various food sources such as fermented goat milk or kefir that can include as well.  If your looking for a good probiotics supplement to help your dog out, check out Tummy Treats. It will definitely help your dog improve their gut flora and has a taste dogs simply love, so you won’t have to worry about tricking them into eating it.

Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes are produced by your dog’s body and help break down their food. They are very important to the digestive process and are also recommended to be a part of a treatment for the leaky gut syndrome. A natural form of enzyme supplements can be done in the form of feeding whole, raw foods since these contain their very own enzymes. Even so, it possible you’ll still need the help of supplements, especially when dealing with a leaky gut. We personally recommend the use of Bio Case from Thomas Labs, it comes with a large of amount of supplements and is easy to combine with any food you feed your dog.

Whenever you see your dog suffering from the symptoms mentioned above, make sure to visit your nearest vet in order to confirm whether they are suffering from leaky gut or any other possible disease. Make sure to take appropriate action and feed them plenty of healthy foods, and you’ll have dealt with their leaky gut problem in no time.

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