My Dog Ate One Grape, Will He Be Ok?

Your dog just ate one grape and now that you read online that grapes and raisins could be filled with toxic and will cause a lot of harm for your dog. Now you’re worried and wondering if your dog will be okay from that one grape?

It is true that grapes are one of those forbidden foods that you should never feed your dog. We’ll go over why a little later in this article, but don’t panic. One grape won’t kill your dog. Think about all the times you take your dog out for a walk and it eats something it’s not supposed to eat. That didn’t kill your dog, right? So if your dog ate one grape, he will be ok, but you shouldn’t feed him anymore.

Why you shouldn’t feed your dog grapes

Grapes are considered to be one of the most healthiest foods for humans, so why shouldn’t you feed your dog grapes? Well, there’s a lot of reason behind this.

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The main reason is that grapes are toxic for dogs. There has been much documentation of dogs having acute kidney failure and lack of urine production due to grapes. Until today, the specific reasons behind the toxic in grapes for dogs are still unclear, but it’s been documented that bad things can happen.

If your dog ate one grape, then it’s nothing to panic about. It takes 32 grams of grape per kilogram of the dog’s body weight to be toxic. Again, that doesn’t mean that you should feed your dog any grapes because it probably won’t be good for their digestive system as well.

What are the signs of my dog being affected by toxins?

The thing is that toxins don’t occur immediately. It usually takes some time for it to slowly be affected. There are signs and alerts that can help you determine whether or not your dog has been affected by toxins from that one grape.

Diarrhea and vomiting – These two are the most common symptoms that come with grape poisoning. Now I know a lot of other issues can also cause diarrhea and vomiting, but there’s a way to check if it’s from the grapes. If you see grapes in diarrhea then chances can be that it came from the toxins involved in the grapes. Same goes for the vomit.

Oliguria – This is where your dog might produce less urine than normal. This could be a sign of kidney failure and it’s very scary to have. This can be caused by the toxins in the grapes. If this happens, please consult your vet instantly.

Those two mentioned above are the most common symptoms of your dog being affected by toxins.

Immediate treatments for grape toxins

Now let’s say you didn’t just only feed your dog one grape, but you fed him a handful of it. Now you see one of the symptoms mentioned above and know for a fact that the grapes poisoned your dog. There are a few things you could do immediately to treat it.

Force your dog to vomit – Before it gets too late, you can induce vomiting and force your dog to vomit out all the grapes before it gets too deep into the digestive system. Again, if your dog only ate one grape, he’ll be ok. You should only induce vomiting if he ate more than just one single grape. If your dog already vomited and he’s feeling better, then do not induce vomiting again. Just let him rest.

Detox your dog – Another way you can approach it if the problem isn’t too serious is by using a detox method. You should have some detox chewable around in the house incase this does happen. The one I recommend is the Vital Planet Detox. I keep a few bottles of these around the house in case I need to use it. You don’t need to wait until your dog is affected by grapes to use these.

See a Vet – Only a registered vet. can give you the proper treatment in more crucial situations. A vet will be able to wash out its system as well as give the necessary medication for you to treat the poison.

They may also need intravenous fluids (a drip), medication to control heart rate, blood pressure, and seizure activity.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of foods that dogs and humans can eat, but there are also a lot of them that you should avoid. Grapes and chocolate are the known ones to avoid. Don’t make the mistake of feeding your dog grapes. Another tip is to always ensure that your dog has a clean system to start with. Regularly give them good nutrition and supplements.

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