What Are The Best Slip Lead For Dogs?

Most dog owners aren’t aware of what a slip lead is, but it is one of my most favorite dog supplies. I use it for dog training, running with my dog, and just doing my daily walks. Slip lead is a type of leash, but most new dog owners have no idea how to use a slip lead.

No worries, in this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about slip lead including it’s pros and cons along with some of my top picks!

What is a slip lead?

A slip lead is a type of dog leash that is used for gaining control of your dog. It’s not really meant for everyday use, but it is a good tool to have when you are training your pup to walk with a leash. It’s also a good backup leash to have around.

A slip lead is basically a leash and a collar in one single piece.

If you know how to use a slip lead, it can be a very powerful and handy tool. It fits right in your pocket and you can carry it around with you as you walk your dog.

Putting on and taking off a slip lead is extremely easy. I’ll show you a video below of someone going over how to use a slip lead for your dog.

The video goes over how to use a slip lead and how you should put it on your dog. Again, it’s very convenient and helpful, especially for the younger dogs.

Choke chains vs slip leads

Another question that tends to pop up a lot on the topic of slip lead is, “What’s the difference between slip lead vs choke chain?”

The main difference is that many slip leads come with a stopper, that keeps the leash higher on the neck. Choke chains do not come with this feature. So yes, there is a difference, I find that because a slip lead stays higher on the neck, it allows me to use the tool with a lot less force.

Another difference is the way that dog owners apply them.

The best slip lead for dogs

Let’s jump right into it! I’ll review some of the most popular and useful slip lead that most dog owners use when training and walking their dog.

Mendota Products Slip Lead

The Mendota slip lead is loved by many dog owners and it’s the one that I use. It has over 1,500 reviews on Amazon by legit dog owners.

Here’s what I love about the Mendota Slip Lead. It is made of colorfast, waterproof, durable multi-filament polypropylene solid core roping, and it features all brass hardware and oil tanned leather splices. These leads are handcrafted in the USA.

In addition to that, it comes in multiple colors and it’s soft on the hands, which gives me a comfortable grip feel.

It can easily fit in any pocket, jacket, or vest. This one runs for about $10.

Cool Runner Slip Lead


Talking about affordability and budget-friendly, this slip lead for dogs run at less than $7. What a steal. What’s awesome about the cool runner slip lead is that it comes with an easily adjustable strap, so it’ll work for dogs of all sizes.

You can choose between multiple colors as well, but the default red one stands out. The length is quite long as well. It runs at about 120cm which will give your dog a lot of room to move around.


ZippyPaws Mountain Climbing Slip Lead

zippypaw slip lead

ZippyPaws’ mountain climbing slip lead is one of the strongest dog slip leads I’ve ever came across. It was made for mountain climbing and intense hiking trips with your dog. The product itself is extremely lightweight and can be adjustable for dogs of all sizes.

It’s thick enough, but not too bulky and it’s just made very well. I can adjust the lead to fit around my shoulders (like a cross purse), and this allows me to have quick access. I just take it off of me, and adjust the lead loop to the size of the dogs head, thus making it easier to put the lead on an excited pup. You wouldn’t go wrong in investing this lead.

Coastal Dog Slip Lead

coastal pet

I’m a design junkie and I love the design on this nylon slip lead. This dog slip lead is made with high-quality nylon material. It’s an awesome tool for training your dog as well as doing trial runs.

It’s super flexible and lightweight. You can fold it and fit in your pocket or small bags. The Coastal Slip Lead allows for quick, yet gentle correction and has a leather slide that adjusts the collar to fit any size neck.

This only comes in the green color as shown in the picture, but I love the design of it.

Final thoughts

A slip lead is a great tool to have around when you’re training your dog or just for walking your dog in general. I have a few around the house and leave one in my car as well. I don’t use slip lead for my dogs everyday, but I do use it when necessary.

If you know any other dog owners that are trying to figure out whether or not a slip lead is a good choice for them, then please send them this article, so that they can gain insights on what a slip lead is.

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