What Are The Best Harness For Pit bulls to Stop Pulling?

Pit bulls get a bad rep for being aggressive and dangerous, but they could be lovely dogs as well. I have a couple close friends that own pit bulls and they love them. I’ve considered getting a pit bull myself.

Why you should own a pit bull

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider getting a pit bull. I’ll lay out some of the reasons that got me interested in getting one.

1. Pit bulls don’t require a lot of grooming work

This is a major plus for me because I am lazy. As much as I enjoy grooming my dogs, I rather sit back on the couch and watch some TV.  They do not need to be brushed (though most enjoy it) or get doggie haircuts, and their fur is not naturally shedding.

2. Pit bulls are pretty loyal

Yes, they can be dangerous and wild. They have been known for being aggressive and attacking people, BUT most of the time this is because they are trying to defend their owners. Pit bulls are one of the most loyal dogs out there.

3. Pit bulls have lower medical cost

It’s true that a lot of dog breeds can be healthy, but pit bulls don’t tend to run into a lot of genetic medical issues that can cause them medical problems. They are naturally very athletic and like to run around a lot, so they’re in shape!

Why you need a harness for your pit bull?

As much as I love pit bulls, they are a little different from other breeds. They are naturally born to be athletic and can get depressed or angry easily if you don’t take it out enough. You also need to provide enough room in the outdoor area for your pit bull to run around.

Pit bulls also tend to scare a lot of people in the street. Because of those reasons, it’s important that invest in a good harness for your pit bull.

Pit bulls also love to pull and go out on their own way. That is why you need a good harness that can also prevent pulling as well.

The Best Harness For Pit Bulls To Stop Pulling

Alright! Pit bull owners, let’s get moving! All pit bull owners know that it can be tough to control their pit bull when they are walking them, especially when they are constantly pulling. So, most owners decide to switch over to a harness to have more control. The downside is that a lot of pit bull harness is made with terrible materials which can cause your pit bull to lose hair or leave scars. That isn’t a good thing! The following are the best harness for pit bulls to stop pulling and at the same time won’t cause issues such as losing hair or injuries.

Didog Leather Spiked Pitbull Harness

I first heard about this one through my friend. He owns a 65-pound pit bull and uses this harness. He said that he wouldn’t be able to control his pit bull without this. This pit bull harness is made of flexible, not stiff, durable leather. This isn’t some cheap leather, but flexible heavy duty leather. The build quality is impressive from the leather to the buckles and studs. Everything about this harness is quality.

It looks amazing as well. You can use this to train your pit bull or just have it for walks.

Berry Pet Spikes


This one will make your pit bull look like a titan! One of the most aggressively designed pit bull harness in the market today. The leather is pretty stiff, but anyone who’s had a new leather coat that wasn’t pre-softened knows that leather starts that way and will eventually loosen up.

There are 3 collar sizes available: M 17-20″ L 19-22″ XL 21-24. You can pick the one that will fit your dog. Do note, that it is adjustable so it can grow with your pit bull.

Kurgo Tru-Fit No Pull Dog Harness

Kurgo’s no pull dog harness isn’t made specifically for pit bulls, but it’s known for controlling big dogs and can prevent pulling. So if you’re in the market for a harness for pit bulls to stop pulling, then this might be your best bet. It works on dogs of all size including breeds such as Huskies.

Another good thing about this one is that it won’t cause your pit bull’s hair to fall out when it tries to pull.

This pit bull harness to stop pulling comes with lifetime warranty, so you can always return it for a new one in case anything happens to it. It also comes with a dog seat belt for your travels with the pit bull.

LifePul No Pull Pit Bull Harness

LifePul’s no pull harness comes with an adjustable strap with a snap buckle to ensure extra control for your pit bull. I’ve seen this on my friend’s pit bull and he looks super comfortable in it. The material is top notch.

It’s washable and surfaced with high-quality nylon material which can ensure that your pit bull can breathe. In addition to that, it also has a soft padding underneath for extra comfort.

What I love most about this pit bull no pull harness is that it comes with an additional handle for you to easily lift your dog into the car. You can use it for walking your pit bull or training it.


My ultimate pick is the Kurgo one mentioned above because it works for all my dogs and it stops it from pulling. I love the comfort of it and how it’s not too chunky, but all of the ones that I mentioned can be a great harness for pit bull regardless of their size.

It is important to invest in a quality harness for your pit bull to have more control, especially as it grows. If you like what you’re reading, please don’t forget to check out our other pet guides and articles!

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