The Best Dog Heaters To Keep Your Dog Warm During The Seasons

It’s still summer, but winter will be approaching shortly. Depending on where you are in the world, things can get freezing cold. It’s important to keep our dogs warm, especially if they’re alone in their dog house.

There are a couple of ways that you can ensure that your dog stays warm throughout the season and we’ll go into the primary ways to ensure that your dog stays warm.

Before buying a dog heater

A lot of dog owners might think about jumping the gun and purchasing a dog heater before winter hits. That works, but there are some other basic things that you can do before investing in a dog heater.

Most of these are budget-friendly options. We’re all about saving money as well!

The first thing you should do is check the dog house to see if you can apply minor cost effective changes to it.

1. Check the flooring

One tip that my good friend taught me was that you should make sure that the flooring of the dog house is elevated and not touching the ground. This is a mistake that most DIY dog house owners make. The ground’s temperature can get really cold during times, so lifting it from the ground will do wonders.

If you already put together a dog house that’s touching the ground, you can use a wooden pallet to lift up the house just a little bit.

2. Purchase a dog heating pad

These are more known as indoor dog heating equipment but can be used in a dog house as well. The good thing about dog heating pads is that most of them come with a switch that allows you to auto adjust it based on the weather. That way it won’t be too hot or too cold. Don’t want you burning your pup!

What’s the best dog heating pad? Don’t worry! We’ll go over that for you in the next section!

K&H Dog Heating Pad/Bed


This heating pad by K&H comes with a free cover. You can choose to purchase the large one or the small one depending on the size of your dog. It’s perfect for indoors, outdoors, your garage or the dog house and it will keep your dog warm throughout the holidays.

The bed comes folded and deflated. Just open it up, pull the little red valve in the corner to its open position, plug the bed in and wait for 15-30 minutes for the heat to adjust and the bed to self-inflate. After it inflates, (which isn’t dramatic, so don’t anticipate the Hindenburg), you press a little of the air out to prevent a ballooning effect when your pet sits on it, then close the valve.

Plugged in, but unused, the bed stays several degrees above room temperature waiting for some company. When your pet climbs aboard, it rises to 102 degrees and is perfect for removing the chill. It comes with a fleece cover that’s cozy and comfy, but thin enough to allow the heat from the pad underneath to penetrate. A feisty animal might be able to remove the cover easily, but our user prefers to be adorable, dainty and compliant. The fleece cover is machine-washable. Excellent!

Vornado AVH2 

This is a heating system that wasn’t originally made for dogs, but a lot of dog owners praise the good use of it and the features that come with it. This is actually a heater that works around the entire house ensuring that your dog stays cozy.

Now what I really love about this one is how it only runs on low power, which saves your electricity bills some extra money. You would think that due to the low power that it won’t be strong enough right? Wrong. This thing heats up the room like a charm and I live in an area that snows!

I also love how the Vornado saves my settings for the fan speed and temperature even when I unplug it.

Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Furnace Deluxe

One of the best and top notch dog heaters in the market. It’s a bit more on the pricey end, but worth every penny and plus it can last you for years. Invest in one of these for your dog house if you haven’t already.

Installing this wasn’t too difficult as well. It takes roughly 5-10 minutes top and you should have it ready in your dog house.

The thing I was worried about is that it might be “too hot” and burn my dog if he jumps up and touches it, but it actually comes with a heat shield that prevents that from happening. Love it because of that!

ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater

The whole shebang here. This is a fully built dog house with a dog heater inside of it. Most dog owners that purchased this says that they loved it and it kept their dog warm even when the temperature dropped to below the 20s. That’s pretty amazing!

It is made from a material that can be commonly found in outdoor playground products. All panels are filled with recycled ESP foam. ESP foam (expanded polystyrene) can be commonly found in drinking cups. It is also used as an insulation material in construction. This unit features 2″-4″ of real foam insulation in each panel. The easy pass-through, self-closing door keeps the wind to a minimum. The bottom half of the door is removable for initial training.

Final thoughts

You should invest in a dog heater as early as possible. Don’t wait until it gets cold before doing so. A good dog heater can last a long time, so having it handy will come a long way.

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