The Best Dog Hammocks For Trucks (Reviews)

Most dog owners that own a truck like me knows the importance of having a good dog hammock for the back seat. Dogs tend to shed or get sick when they get tossed around by the movement of the truck/car. That is why it is important to have a stable and high-quality truck hammock for your car.

What and why a dog hammock for your truck?

Dog hammocks don’t necessarily need to be used for trucks and cars. It can be used for a variety of reasons such as lounging and more. But most of the time, when people are looking for a dog hammock, they’re looking for some sort of back seat solution.

If used correctly a dog hammock will cover your entire back seat. This is perfect for bigger cars such as trucks because you don’t want the back seat to get dirty. The mechanics behind a dog hammock for trucks is simple. It is usually attached to the front seat and hooks onto the headrest on the back seat.

Choosing a good quality dog hammock is important because you want to ensure that they are waterproof and chew resistant (incase your dog likes to chew things up!)

Below is a picture of a dog hammock that you can take a look at:


That dog sure looks comfortable in that hammock!

Why Should I buy a dog hammock?

There are many reasons why you should always have a dog hammock in your back seat. Let’s dive into the main reasons why you would consider one as an investment for yourself and your pricey truck.

Dog Hammock is a comfort king!

Most dog hammock comes with a padding that makes your dog feel super comfy in it. I mean look at the picture above. Doesn’t the dog look happy and comfortable?

However, they also provide a sense of security. Since hammocks provide “walls” on all sides, it’s much easier for your pup to feel at home in the back seat. This prevents them from getting car sick.

Dog Hammock prevents the dog from climbing around

Going on a car ride with your dog can even be pretty dangerous especially if your pup loves to jump around or stick its head out the window.

Hammocks provide a layer of protection by providing a “wall” that closes off the center console and armrest.

Of course, if a dog really wants to jump over, it’s not impossible, but a hammock acts as an obstacle that deters this kind of behavior and gives you a bigger window to correct it before it becomes dangerous.

Dog Hammock will keep things clean

One of the biggest problems with my dog is that he tends to shed quite often. This is an issue because all his furs will end up all over my car’s seat and I have an extremely hard time cleaning things up. Sometimes, I would take my dog out to the park and his paws would be filled with dirt. Guess what happens? That goes all over my back seat. A hammock is a great way to prevent all the cleaning work that I need to do. I just wash the hammock! That’s it 🙂

The best dog hammock for trucks

For sure! Now you’re probably thinking about getting a dog hammock for your truck. You might have been overwhelmed by the results that you found online. No worries, I’m here for you! In the below section, I’ll go over the top dog hammock for trucks.

Plush Paws Waterproof Cover and Truck Hammock

This hammock has pretty much everything you would need to find in a reliable dog hammock for trucks. The most important thing when choosing a hammock is that it HAS to be waterproof. This one is 100% waterproof and made with high-quality comfortable materials.

It’s also got good, sturdy, reinforced straps for the seat, and in our tests, they took quite a bit of abuse.

The other perk here is that this hammock is padded. Like we mentioned above, not all hammocks are both padded and waterproof. It’s quite affordable and on sale on Amazon now. I think this is the best one to start off with unless you need some advanced features.

Solvit Sta-Put Deluxe Hammock Pet Seat Cover

I always believed that a picture says a thousand words. When I look at pictures online, I try to picture my own dog in it and this one was the perfect fit. It’s perfect for trucks of all size because it’s extendable and the padding is super comfortable.

It’s also got some cool pockets on the actual hammock which is very handy, but also kind of weird, because anything you might want to keep in the pockets of a dog’s hammock (treats, cleaning supplies) you probably also want to keep away from your dog.

Yes! It’s also waterproof as well.

Animal Planet Water Resistant Car Seat Cover

For $15 this is the MOST affordable dog hammock for trucks. It should be noted that this is water resistant and not waterproof. So keep that in mind; it might not be the best choice for motion-sick pups. This is probably why this one is so budget-friendly, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy one to keep the dirt away from your truck, then this is the one to go for on a budget!

It’s got pretty much everything else covered. It’s a one-size-fits all hammock that fits on pretty much any car and has a relatively high comfort factor. It’s also got heavy-duty straps that you can also adjust, which is pretty convenient.

Kingstar Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover for dogs

This one looks like a dog cage by itself! If you’re worried about your dog jumping around while the car is moving, then you should purchase one of these.

With this, you can reduce distractions while driving. Dog car seat cover is padded and quilted for ensuring comfort to your dog while he travels with you. Though you want to protect the car seat, you surely also want to pamper your dog such that he can sit comfortably without slipping every time you apply brakes.

Keeps your seats clean and free of pet hair. dog seat cover helps keep your dog comfortable during a car ride and also prevents any scratches, claw marks, cuts or other damages to your super expensive car seat cover.

I hope this article helped all the dog owners out there find the best dog hammock for trucks!

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