The Best Dog Blow Dryers That Are Safe (2017)

Imagine a good old summer day where you take your dog out for some fun with the family. Your pup can get extremely messy when playing outside. You come back home with your dog and your pup is super dirty. Time for a quick wash right? That’s every dog owner’s job.

After a good wash, you need to dry your dog off. The best way to dry your pup is by using a good dog dryer (blow dryer designed specifically for dogs). There are a lot of dog blow dryers out there that are made specifically for dogs. A high quality blow dryer will keep your pup’s coat feeling soft and fluffy for days afterwards.

In this article, I’ll go over the best dog blow dryers that are safe and convenient.

What to consider when buying a dog blow dryer?

You don’t want to just go out and buy any random dog blow dryer that you see in the stores. You want to pick one that works for your dog.

Some people use their own hair dryers on their dogs. This is never a good idea, since blow dryers designed for people are usually too weak to reach a fluffy dog’s undercoat. The air stream is often too hot as well.

This is why it is important to pick a dog blow dryer that is made for dogs. Those type of dog blow dryers are rather safe and won’t injure or burn your dog’s fur.

The main difference between a regular blow dryer and a dog blow dryer is that dog dryers are designed to use air that is cool enough to keep your pup comfortable. They are still able to dry off even the hairiest dog quickly and easily by maintaining a strong airflow.

If you have a dog with a thick double coat, like a Collie or a Samoyed, you will need a stronger dryer than if you have a close-cropped Pit Bull.

Another thing that most dog owners don’t know is that, dogs can actually get scared when you have a loud blow dryer. This is also why dog blow dryers are designed to be more quiet than the usual human ones.

The different types of dog blow dryers

There are three main types of dog blow dryers out in the market that is made for dogs. Most of them allow you to adjust the airflow and power of it, so you can use it based on how furry your dog is.

Cage dryers – Cage dryers are the most common type of dog blow dryers out there. These are usually for dogs who tend to get more nervous when they’re exposed to a new dog blow dryer or environment. They allow you dry your pup while she’s sat in a wire or mesh cage.

Force dryers – Next up is a force dryer. These are considered to be the most powerful dog blow dryers out there. Unlike stand and cage dryers, these typically do not come with a heating element. The motor warms the air as the dryer runs. Force dryers blow air out at a high speed to dry your pup’s fur in just a matter of minutes.

Stand dryers – Lastly the third type of known dog blow dryer out there is a stand dryer. These are 100% hands-free. These make it easy for you to brush your dog’s coat as you dry her, which can help prevent tangles.

The Best Dog Blow Dryers That Are Safe

Alright, cool. Now you understand the different types of dog blow dryers and why you need one, let’s go over some of the best dog blow dryers that are safe and that I recommend. I’ve personally tested all of these.

Oster Hi-Velocity Adjustable Table and Cage Dryer


I think this is the most common cage dryer out there for dog owners. This is the one that most dog owners tend to buy. I own one myself and use it for my smaller dogs that like to run away from showers.

I was looking for a stand dryer that could help dry my boys quickly after a bath. Most dryers to do not blow warm air. I understand that this is because there is an assumption that the dog will not be monitored during the use of the dryer and over-heating can happen fairly quickly.

This dryer does have heat settings, but the warmest heat setting I would call lukewarm at best. Thus, while I find this dryer great in the summer months, I am not able to use it in the winter. I just wish it could be made to blow warmer air.

Nevertheless, I give this dog blow dryer at least a 4 1/2 star. I love it a lot! This one is a “little bit pricey”, but considered to be affordable compared to the others in the market.

Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Hair Dryer


At the time this article is written, this dog blow dryer is on sale on Amazon at 20% off. You can view the Amazon link here.

This is one of the most affordable and well known dog blow dryer brands out there. It’s reliable and I personally love it. The only thing that I don’t really like about it is how it’s a little bit too big for what it is. I’m not use to carrying around such a big tool.

This is a force style dryer, but unlike many models, it has a heating element with two adjustable temperature controls. There are also two adjustable speed controls, both very powerful. The Go Pet dryer can dry any dog off quickly and completely.

This dryer is a little bit bulky and loud, which means that a skittish dog may be intimidated by it. This is probably a better blow dryer for dogs that are most used to be blow dried and not a smaller or younger dog.

Metrovac’s Air Force Commander Professional Dog Grooming Pet Dryer – Portable Hair Dryer, 2 Speed Motor


With more than 250+ 5 star reviews, you know this is a reliable dog blow dryer. As the name says it, it’s highly portable which is what I love about it.

My personal tips for using this dryer would be that you need think carefully about how you are going to use this on your dog.

Start on low speed with the extra “power control” at the end of the hose open. Test the power of the flow by blowing it on yourself so you become very familiar with what that force of air can feel like.

Be respectful of your pet’s body language, look for distress signals, and fit in breaks and treats and it is a rare dog that won’t learn to make the best of the “air massage” time.

XPOWER 2-in-1 Pet Dryer and Vacuum

xpowerdryer pupunite

This one is my least favorite, but it is loved by the dog community, so I decided to include it. At the time of this article, it is currently 40% off on Amazon

This is a compact, lightweight force dryer with a lot of power behind it. It has two different speed settings, and stays around the safe temperature of 106 degrees. This dryer uses a motor instead of a heating element to warm the air. Even though it’s powerful, the motor is also quiet. This works well for dogs that tend to get nervous. It’s a good dog blow dryer.

The air does warm up after about 10-20 minutes of use, not from any heater but from the air running over the motor while traveling through the machine. I love the relatively quiet operation, variable speed dial and durability of this unit. I also purchased the wall mount to get the machine off the floor, which is a big plus. If I had it over to do, I’d get their 4 HP variable-speed dryer, because with drying 2 dogs, faster is always better.

Nevertheless, it’s a good dog blow dryer that most dog owners do recommend.

I hope this article helped everyone when it comes to deciding which dog blow dryer to buy for your pup. Please share it with your friends and subscribe to our dog owner’s only community newsletter!

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